10 Most Profitable Business During Christmas: Make Some Extra Cash This Month

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We are nearing the festive period, that marks the end of the year, a period of laughter and celebration. Wouldn’t you like to make a profitable business during christmas while having fun?So that’s a “YES”, Great! read on. Now that this has been settled, Let us move on to discuss 10 sure ways to make money this christmas. At the end of it all you can decide to try some or all 10 most profitable business during christmas.*Grabs a coffee and sips*

10 most profitable business during christmas : A Must Try


1.    Sale of Hampers To Individuals Or Corporate Bodies

Chritmas hamper christmas saleHampers can be described as a gift packs that can be exchanged between friends and families during festive periods like Easter, Valentine, and christmas season. The typical hamper usually contain a box of chocolates, drinks( alcoholics or fruits), biscuits, greeting cards, provision , soft drink and other related items.

The content of an hamper is usually determined by the season and age of the recipient. It wouldn’t feel right to present an underage with an hamper containing alchoholic drinks.

An average hamper package could cost between NGN4,000 to NGN7000 or may cost more depending on it’s content. In most cases, hampers are sold for twice their original cost, this way you can make a 200% profit or more per sale.

2.    Sale Of Wears

Many research conducted in the past have recorded unusual increase in sales in boutiques by customers during the christmas celebration and new year periods.

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how to make profitable business during christmas ?

If you decide to give this business a go, you must decide on a target for your potential customers, location of business and marketing strategies are also important.

It gets more interesting:

It is far more profitable to go into sale of kids clothing during these periods.


Because of the popular tradition of buying new clothes for kids during these festive seasons.

3.    Jewellries

Christmas jewellry businessJewellries are lovely and shiny. Jewellries tend to be highly demanded majorly by fashion sensed women. So if you have a thing for jewellries you had better start selling it.

If you decide to try this out, I advice you purchase jewellries ( all sorts ranging from beads, bracelets, necklaces, wristwatches, bangles etc) in bulk to maximize profit. I can bet it with you that your sales during xmas would sky rocket.

4.    Greeting Cards

It is no doubt a common tradition to exchange greeting cards between friends and families during the christmas and new year celebrations.

If you are an artist, and you love to design cards, you can begin designing Happy christmas and New year cards now in preparation for the forthcoming xmas and new year celebration.

5.    Christmas Assessories

10 most profitable business during christmasXmas accessories like christmas trees, santa attire ( caps and masks), xmas lightnings etc are usually high in demand during the end of the year celebration. This is as a result of peoples need to beautiful their home and transform it’s look from “usual” to “A-M-A-Z-I-N-G”.

My advice?

Carry out a survey on what assessory people would love to have for christmas in your target sales area . After this, collect results and stock up your shop with top 3 or 5 most wanted assessory.

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6.    Photography

This business is a very lucrative business to try out this festive season. It requires little to no cost and doesn’t require much experience to begin.

You need to purchase a good digital camera (if you don’t have but if otherwise, skip this step) and a high end mobile picture printer. In Nigeria, this business is popularly reffered to as “Wait and Get”.

Assuming you didn’t have enough money to buy a camera and you borrowed money to purchase a quality camera and printer, I can guarantee you that with enough determination, exposure and quality work, you will get back the monrybefore the season runs out.

Why am I so confidence about this?

The least amount a digital photographer will charge you per picture is NGN300 with some known as charging up to NGN500. You are saving more using a digital camera because you won’t be needing photographic films as all of your picture will be printed on glossy printing papers which cost less when compared with photo films.

Once you begin to offer your “wait and get picture service”, you begin to make money instantly because you print the picture(s) after you are done snapping and before the customers leaves- you snap, he/she selects and then it gets printed right there without the customer waiting hours , a day or weeks.

Your potential customers would include friends and family, birthday parties, churches, naming ceremonies, house opening ceremonies, churches, valentine celebrations, club and disco houses including anywhere there is a gathering for an event.

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7.    Recharge Cards

Mobile recharge cards in NigeriaPeople love to make a lot of calls during this season. You can either decide to purchase mobile recharge cards in bulk or opt to subscribe to VTU on Glo mobile, Airtel, 9 mobile or Mtn to make a lot of cash this christmas.

8.    Your Current Business

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You could tweak your current business to run christmas promotions, offers or services. This is usually more easier to achieve if your business is flexible making it stand the test in the long run. There are just a few necessary steps you need to take to keep the business alive and in track.

9.    Create Christmas Themed Buttons

Christmas themed buttonEnjoying the list of 10 most profitable business during christmas? You can decide to use either silver or gold to create your own christmas inspired bullion.  Silver is cheaper when compared to gold.

Before you decide on which, know that although Gold is more expensive, a single bullion gold can make 20X what a silver bullion will make for you in 20 sales. You can create a whole bunch of products and accessories you can sell during christmas for extra income.

10.    Design Xmas Inspired Business Cards

If you have a flare for designing personalized items, this may just be the right money making idea that could earn you some dollar note this holiday. Be creative and put your mind to use by designing some christmas themed cards for your colleagues, companies and friends. You’l never know how much people tend to pay for a well designed business card.

If you have ideas you would love to be added to these 10 most profitable business during christmas list, you can drop your comments and suggestions in the comment section and I will add it ASAP.

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