13 Amazing Jobs That Pay More Than Minimum Wage

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The experience of working for minimum wage makes it really difficult to make ends meet. It gets worse when you are either living on your own or without support from your lover or family members, the feeling is near impossible to clear off your debt, bills and save for your future. When it comes to finding jobs that pay more than minimum wage, there are three ways that you can go about it:

But first…

Let’s Talk About Minimum Wage

Amazing Jobs That Pay More Than Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in the United States varies! However, since 2009, there has been a federal minimum wage that every state must meet –$7.25. Truth be told: we all know that is NOT enough to get by on. While each state must pay workers a minimum hourly wage of $7.25 per hour (although there are some exceptions); more states have opted to pay their workers more. The highest minimum rate is actually $12.50 paid by the District of Columbia. Every job that will be shared with you in today’s post pays that rate or even better!

The present world economy does not favour people who do not value their time, you need only chase positions that properly value your time(paying your more than enough for time spent on them), and provide you with the best platform through which you will live and plan for your future well. I want to see you all work in a place that lets you build a career for a fair wage – and I know the best way to get you started.

  • Study for a Trade

Enrolling in a program of study will help you get minimum wage jobs that don’t require any prior training. The program doesn’t usually involve you running a two or four year degree either. A recent stats collected by the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, jobs like medical assisting jobs, medical secretary and home health aide are expected to experience some degree of job growth throughout the year 2022. The good thing about all of these jobs is that they require vocational training, but not a four or two year degree course. Also, a lot of them offer job placement and financial support after graduation.

  • State Job Training Programs

The city and state you reside might offer you specialized trainings to fill in available positions in industries close to your environment. To do this, you simply need to make contact with your state’s employment department to find out if industries are hiring and what their requirements are. In some cases, your state might sponsor on-the-job training programs that get you hired and begin paying your bills even before you complete any specialized training in your field. In other cases, the department responsible for employment in your state will provide funding that allows you to attend job training programs in the field of your choice. Often, employers who take parts in event such as this are asked to pay employees more than the “usual minimum wage”.

  • Work Your Way Up
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Now, if you currently work in an organization, research and ask questions to discover if there are any rooms for advancement. In most cases, there are usually opportunities that offer you the chance to work in a particular place long enough to get promoted to the position of a director or manager or to receive an increase (raise) in your monthly income. If you are currently on the search for a new job, don’t overlook jobs that are new but have a very high possibility of making a raise possible or provide you with an advance. It is important to ask questions (raises and advancement questions included) to discover if the job is a right fit for you or not. If the answers you get are not satisfactory or are skipped, it is best you move on to submitting your application in companies where there are clear indications for advancement.

It is quite possible that your current financial state can neither provide you the funds or the required credit to get a small business loan. Pick up a jotter or a note, take record or make a list of all the things you like or love to do or talents or gifts you already have such as fixing computers or electronics, car painting, making snacks, creative poster designs, child care or mowing lawns. Then tell the good news to friends and family that you currently offer such services at a rate that’s higher than minimum wage. As soon as you begin to make money, you should put some aside to cover the costs of things that will take your business to the next level. These will cover costs of getting business cards, building your company’s blog or website, setting up a corporation with your state’s revenue department etc. In due time, your side hustle will bring in enough cash to quit your current low-paying job.

What Jobs Usually Pay More Than Minimum Wage?

Jobs that pay more than minimum wage

Amazing Jobs That Pay More Than Minimum Wage

  1. Jobs that pay more than minimum wage:Transcription

3Play Media is a video transcription company that does audio description, captioning and subtitles. This company are focused on making their customers content accessible and more engaging. They are looking to employ the service of a Spanish and English transcription editor.

Want to know the best part?

You can get paid from 10$-$30 per hour depending on the size of the project. Most jobs on their website require basic requirements like typing a minimum of 75 WPM.

  1. Jobs that pay more than minimum wage:Online Teaching

You might want to consider being a tutor on VIPKID if you can teach English online and own a bachelor’s degree. They pay often range anywhere from $14 to $22 per hour. In most cases, early morning hours are required, but the pay and value is well worth it.

  1. Jobs that pay more than minimum wage:Nursing assistants and orderlies

This job allows you to make money, create value and be satisfied your efforts are helping humanity. The 2015 median pay was $12.36.

  1. Jobs that pay more than minimum wage:Customer Service Positions

Other jobs that pay more than minimum wage are:

Apple At Home Advisor –When you work for apple as a home based customer service agent, you can expect travel allowance and discounts off their products. They also reportedly pay their representatives who attend to complaints through chat and call a fee of $14-$15 per hour.

Brighten Communications helps you to conduct your own phone-based B2B business through connection with their clients. They have clients in almost every field. They work with companies in technology, finance, brokerage etc. They pay up to $18 per hour, and give you the opportunity to set your own hours within the border of Monday to Thursday, 8 AM EST-5 PM PST.

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Blooms Today hires independent sale representatives. It does not require you to use a landline as you will be taking calls through VOIP. Reps range from $15 to $24 per the website.

  1. Jobs that pay more than minimum wage:Virtual Assistant

Worldwide 101 is on the search for executive assistants that are experienced to add to their team. However, you must have at least even years of experience of corporate experience before you apply. Their pay shows that they value your experience. They pay $18- $20 per hour as you complete different virtual assistant tasks once you are connected to a client.

Zirtual is also on the lookout for consultants or assistants to join their great team and work as part of a virtual workforce for various startups and entrepreneurs across America. They require their consultants to possess college degree and some experience at least, and reportedly pay their workers $12-$13 depending on the client.

BELAY is likewise looking for virtual assistants or bookkeepers. It is not mandatory you have a college degree to work with them, although it’s preferred. Their pay is reportedly ranging from $15 to $18 per hour.

  1. :Jobs that pay more than minimum wage:Social Media Moderation

The Social Element– Formerly known as eModeration, the social media element frequently hires moderators from all parts of the world (desk reps included). They often prefer to go for bilingual persons who are very good at moderations and the reportedly pay ranging from $14 to $17 depending on the position. Your job as a moderator in this company involves you:

  • Monitor clients brand while supporting them
  • Professionally moderate user generated content and post responses that are client created
  • Encouraging good strong social interactions between the customer and the brands.


  1. Jobs that pay more than minimum wage:Search Engine Evaluators

Appen belong to the class of top dogs when it comes to social media evaluators or web search evaluators. To further strengthen their hold, they plan on acquiring Leapforce. Once you get accepted, you are given prescribed tasks to complete to test the effectiveness of search results within a particular framework (like social media site). They require you work with them at least part time and their hourly pay is reportedly ranging from $12-$13.

Lionbridge hire recruits for a variety of evaluators and different analyst on periodical basis. For instance, they’re currently hiring map analysts to work from home in the USA. Some other time, they might be hiring search engine evaluators to do the usual testing of search engine results for relevance and accuracy. They have been said to reportedly pay their evaluators a fee of $13-$14 per hour.

iSoftStone is another experienced company looking for search engine evaluators. You can expect to be paid the amount of $12-$13 for the position you hold in the company. You can also use your judgement and experience to rate search engine results if they do not provide you with their company-specific rating system.

  1. Retail and sales

If you’ve worked in retail, you probably enjoy working in retail, and it can be an ideal job for people who are both patient and social. Although retail jobs require less skill, a lot of patience and the ability to stay cool in difficult situations are exercised. Depending on the company you work with, you can be paid $9.47 to $14 per hour.

  1. Childcare workers
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This job requires keeping kid’s safe, feeding them, cleaning their wounds, and stopping them from biting and hitting each other. The job is physically exhausting-yes- and can sometimes prove to be emotional; even the calmest person could go nuts when surrounded by kids all day. It’s not that kids are evil or awful — they are wonderful, but it is hard work to take care of a bunch of them at once. The pay is reportedly between $9.77 to 11$ per hour.

  1. Food and beverage service workers

The pay for workers in the food and beverage is $9.16 an hour. This is another great job that can be very physically demanding and exhausting. You will be required to clean restaurants, prepare food, and then deliver or serve the food.According to the Bureau of Labour statistics, workers are employed in restaurants, schools, hospitals, and also cafeterias. The shifts they work can include late nights, early morning, weekends, and holidays as well.


Miscellaneous Jobs

13 Amazing Jobs That Pay More Than Minimum Wage

Freelance Writer-As a freelance writer, you should expect to be paid $12.50 or more per hour. It doesn’t matter if you are running your own blog, writing for newspaper with your own by-line, doing ghostwriting for blogs or providing social media content. The important thing you need to remember is to establish your writing skills with continuous publications of quality content that satisfies your clients. In this line of work, research is highly crucial to the success of your online business.

Web Developer –If you possess the technical knowledge of coding websites, creating blogs and have a sharp eye for design, you are on the path to bagging another freelance position that pays you more than the minimum wage. The internet is a very broad world on its own that is always on the lookout for great content that proffer’s solutions to people problem – and web developers can make this become a reality for people by creating forums, classroom systems, blogs etc. You can keep an eye on sites that offer developers the opportunity to freelance web developer jobs.

Coder – The world is going digital and learning coding will be a great investment, especially since this business can be run from the convenience of your home and smile to the bank while doing it. From writing programming languages to giving commands to websites, the need for coders all across the globe is countless. You can make your friends and family your first clients or alternatively be on the lookout for job listings on social media, LinkedIn, Facebook or newspaper for app or software developers.

Decide what you want for yourself today! It is time to take back your time and working on your own terms or investing it on employers who understand your worth and see you as a valued team member. Never allow any person make you feel like some worthless piece of puzzle. You can use knowledge from this guide to bag jobs that pay more than minimum wage, and build a bigger tomorrow with it!


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