35 Tips On What To Do When You Have No Money

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Not having money at all can be a really frustrating thing to experience. It gets more complicated when you lack knowledge of what to do when you have no money. To a lot of individual the first thing that pops into their head is getting a job. Getting a job will only bring you a temporal relief. Put a smile on your face as you take a look at this helpful list of 35 things you can do when you literarily have no money and no job!


But first….there is something you need to know


Owning a job or having loads of cash does not guarantee you are not going to get broke someday… What do you do when faced with a real emergency situation?

There comes a time when you have to make some really hard choices and it could meet you unprepared. The kind of situation you might face hard is:

  • Deciding whether to buy a great meal or Put the heating on
  • Replace your worn out clothes or have a nice haircut at the salon
  • Buy gas for your car or take the bus

Are you currently thinking life cannot have you face such a position?

Do you feel really secured with having a job that pays you well?

Wake up! Life can force what we deserve and what we do not deserve on us. Truth be told, life is not fair and everything you so rely on can vanish into thin air in a matter of seconds. No one prays for unfortunate things to happen but they happen anyway. Bad things like getting fired, facing an overwhelming debt, devaluation of currency or fire that burns all of your properties or your savings.

Think about these things and think real hard: there is just a thin line between comfort and a situation where you have no money to pay your bills.

And if you are thinking that people facing poverty is because of their inability to save up on “emergency fund”, you might want to think again.

You might be right but also can be completely wrong. These people probably never even had sufficient income to build one. Poverty is a deadly disease that can affect your soul when not taken care of.

During my undergraduate programme at the university, there are days when I was broke and had no money at all. I simply did any of the following four things:

  1. Went to school factory to get some sachet water so my belly stops making volcanic eruption sounds;
  2. Borrowed up some cash from a few friends.
  3. Took up a part time job; or
  4. Phoned my Parents (I give mom a call most of the times) and asked for money (they never declined each time).

But the world is changing and most of the people reading this blog would prefer to make some cool cash for themselves.

Am I right? Yes, I am

Here is what to do when you have no money and are bored. These points come from personal experience, survey and discussion and long deep research.

What to do when you have no money

what to do when you have no money

  1. You need to have some capital (cash at hand)

You might be borrowing it (most likely) but you need to have some capital (cash at hand). Spend it wisely as this is your startup cash. This will help you pay for small items and sustain you while you engage yourself in money making activities.

  1. Learn more about emergency schemes and taking advantages of them
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There are different schemes that care for people facing financial crisis.

Feel free to ask about these when you visit a Job Centre. To ease your search, check the full list of benefits that may be available to you here.

  1. Ask your friends and family for help

A few personal finance advisors will say things like “never lend money to family”

I believe this is not right and is really a mean thing to do. If you refuse to help a family member out (when you have the capacity to do so), our humanity not our state of wellbeing is threatened.

  1. Participate in a contest(dancing contest or beauty contest)

You can take part in contests to show your skills, gifts, abilities and talents to the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dancing contest, beauty contest, singing contest or fitness contest, just make sure you enjoy and love doing it. Competitions can help you attain great heights by showing off the best parts of yourself to the world while acquiring a bit of fame. Who knows, you just might come up in first place (winks).

  1. Baby-sit a child or baby

Children can go from “sweet” to incredibly a “pain in the butt”. This is why to master the art of babysitting, you must learn and show great concentration and patience. However, a cute smile or cackle from a baby will make all the time and stress experience totally rewarding.

Still wondering what to do when you have no money?

To make some money, you can try babysitting a neighbour’s child. This can be done as a part-time job so you have enough time to do something else.

  1. Do some performance in the street

Are you a courageous person or love getting some attention? You can do a magic or acrobatic show, play an instrument or sing a song on the street to earn quick cash. Yes, it might seem daunting but it worth a try if you can captivate your audience.

  1. Join free festivals or a carnival

This will provide you with unlimited fun and free food and beverages. You just might b lucky to get your hands on some free souvenirs too! Pretty sure they’ll allow you get greedy a bit since you currently have no money.

  1. Make a video and upload on YouTube

Just think about a category and topic-there is probably an audience on there waiting for your amazing videos. With just a few-minute-clip, your videos can create an instant buzz on the internet. You can also make some revenue from YT advertisement when your video goes viral.

Need more ideas on what to do when you have no money? Read on

  1. Sell some, most or all of your old stuff

Do you have unused stuffs or things that are no longer useful for you, why not sell them to make a second source of income? Simply hold a garage sale or sell on auction sites such as Amazon or ebay.

  1. Build A helpful Mobile App

what to do when you have no money

Launching a mobile app takes only efforts and no money. However, if you have no knowledge of app development, you can ask your tech savvy friends for a favour or take up a free course. After you are done, put it up on playstore or Appstore, it’s a really simple process. You’d feel accomplished and proud when your app begins to perform great and as the download increase, you can choose to monetize it.

The feeling it comes with is A-MA-Z-I-N-G and is a must try if you need help with what to do when you have no money

  1. Grab your camera and take photos around

Do you own a great camera or a nice fun with some techie know-how with some image editing apps? You can begin taking photos of ordinary things and making them extra ordinary! The rule to having a great looking photo is creativity! Ensure you shoot at different angles to get great results. You can then sell pictures online or to friends and family.

  1. Have some fun with some audio-visual entertainments
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Life is too short to be wasted on worries. If you are feeling lazy on a particular day, stay indoors and play video games, your favourite songs or watch TV.

  1. Look for a way to express yourself without much overdo

Expressing yourself is another great tip on what to do when you have no money. You’d be amzed at the results you will get.

Engage yourself in something to express yourself. You can try making some paintings, playing a musical instrument, writing, hiking or rapping. Choose the best form through which you can express your feelings. You can take it a little further by sharing the end results of your activities online and with friends too.

  1. Fix yourself a new look

Getting yourself a new hair or haircut does not require you to pay someone to do this. You can simply apply the hair dye or cut your hair yourself. Look into your wardrobe and search for clothes that can be combined to give or fit your new look.

  1. Decorate and beautify your room

Got some left over paint? Paint your room! You can also try to rearrange things to make you feel more comfortable. Enjoy your new atmosphere.

  1. Take a warm bath in the Jacuzzi or a bathtub

You are probably thinking of a quick shower right now, nope! You should gently slide into your tub and soak yourself in some nice warm bath. The thoughts alone should edge you into a more relaxing and comfortable mood.

  1. Take a ride down memory lane by looking at your old photo albums

Go through your photo albums and take a ride on memory lane while recalling the best of memories.

  1. Engage in some sports like jogging

When you don’t know what to do when you have no money, engage yourself in your favourite sport. You shouldn’t be weighed down by your lack of money. Maintain a healthy body by doing sports!

  1. Try out new ways to cook food

Take out ingredients in your kitchen and begin to cook. If by chance, you lack the necessary knowledge centred on cooking a particular meal, bring out your phone and browse through hundreds of recipes on the internet to get you started.  Aside from the fact that cooking can be really fun, you’re actually doing something for yourself with the yummy meal you’ve made.

  1. Have fun with your pets

Pets are so friendly, cute and cuddly (not so much for cats though) but they will make you happy even in times when you have no one to speak with or keep you company. Let’s not forget the fact that they are funny too.

  1. Begin planting your seeds

Planting seeds, watering them, tending to them and watching them grow is both heart-warming and an amazing experience.

  1. Walk into a public library and borrow one or two book to read

Reading can be fun and brain relaxing. It takes up your comprehension and concentration through exercise. Going through a book or two will help keep new ideas coming in. You just might get the next multi-million dollar idea while reading something that fascinates and inspires you. This is why it flls under #22 on our list of what to do when you have no money

  1. Make time for some cleanings if you feel like so

Tidy up your clothes and clean up your room. Research has shown that a clean residence facilitates thinking and relaxes people.

  1. Find new friends, old ones or individuals you want to connect with

Make a list of people you would like to meet again. The list can contain names of family, friends, teachers, old friends or neighbours. As you meet with these people, treasure each second and minute you spend with this people. Being penniless does not mean you become hard hearted, right?

  1. Spend some good and quality time with your family
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what to do when you have no money

Never make the mistake of neglecting your friends and family because they always have your back (in most of the cases). Hug your siblings and parents while spending time hanging out with them.

  1. Meet new friends 

Partake in old school reunions or big event gatherings, where you can have chats with new friends and revive your interpersonal network. If you don’t like being around people that much, you can try meeting people online; it’s pretty common these days. You should not lock up yourself when trying to look for what to do when you have no money

  1. Write an eye catching and heart melting letter to someone

This one looks strange (I know) but letter writing brings out the creative spirit in you. To begin, pick up your pen and start writing a letter to someone you desire (lover, friend, family, neighbour, kids etc.). Oh, would you rather write to someone you admire from afar off?

  1. Fall in love with Mother nature

The goodness Mother Nature releases to its lover is just unimaginable. Boost your mental health by engaging in activities in the woods, going hiking, and going to a nearby park to feel the natural connection to unlock your minds potential. Be creative! Dream on!

  1. Try out fishing

Fishing is an activity that kills time. You might have to wait long hours for your bait to catch the fish but you’ve accomplished some peaceful moments to think.

  1. Become a temporal wanderer in your neighbourhood

Take your time to walk a few miles around your neighbourhood and just identify problems that needs to be solved or the activities that goes on in the streets. It’s not a must you have a reason for walking around in your hood.

  1. Feed some wild animals

I’m pretty sure you are thinking to yourslef: How did this make the list of what to do when you have no money ?….lolz, read on!

I’m not saying you walk into the woods to feed a wolf or walk into a lion’s den to feed it. What I mean here is legally feeding animals. You can walk into a park and feed animals with tiny pieces of bread. The fishes go after the food with rigour; this could be fun and quickly amuse you.

  1. Go to a flea market

You can go to a flea market just to sight see or to actually buy things. There are so many new things to see and new paths to explore. Simply move around the market and look at all the interesting stuff.

  1. Do some community services

Signing up for some voluntary work is a really great idea. It trains you and provides you with high confidence levels. This can help you find value in yourself and the community as you help people.

  1. Go to church or join a religious gathering

Select a religion that you feel right with and join its communion and gatherings. Wait and see how progressive religion gets you.

  1. Face your bills and be very honest with yourself

what to do when you have no money

Here, you will need to employ the services of a debt advisor or contact or through a debt charity. Try National Debt Line or StepChange.

Of course I don’t pray for you to have no money, but if unfortunately it happened to you, try on the 35 things listed above and move on with your life!

Hope you enjoyed 35 ideas on what to do when you have no money? Show some love and support by sharing this post! Thanks



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