4 Great Careers for Introverted Moms Who Enjoy Working Alone

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Figuring out your calling can go from simple to extremely difficult. It is usually easy when you are an extrovert with a great personality but can be really tough on introverts especially mommy introverts who would like to get a new job to cater for specific needs.

If you are an introverted mom, chances are, you’ve been asked at some point this tried-and-true question before: “Do you prefer working in teams or working on your own?”

This is why we will be discussing extensively some career opportunities for introverted moms. As an introvert, the thoughts of spending eight hours making interaction with other people who are not exactly introverts can quickly rise from scary to nightmare. However, hiding yourself away from the rest of the world does not always appear to be the best or healthy (or viable) move.

If you still want to able to get a job that fits your personality irrespective of what your friends and family might think about your job preference, here are a few jobs that you can easily give a shot.

  • Drive Alone as a Truck Driver

If you are a person who enjoys traveling and exploring new places, becoming a truck driver might just be the most perfect occupation for you.

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Why? …….

Because a larger part of truck drivers spend many hours of their day in total aloneness. Their interaction is usually limited to gas station attendants throughout their journeys; this provides you more time for some “Me Time”.

If you think this job really sucks, you need to think again. This is one of the best professions for an introvert mum who would love to try some outdoor jobs rather than sit at home and become a full time “work from home momma”. This career path also pays its workers well, and the best part is? It is so easy to get started.

Are you afraid of the following things?

  • That you are inexperienced?
  • You do not possess the needed skill level?

Take up courage and put your fears away because your level of experience does not matter but you can take up a truck driver training program to clear your fears. Some driving school like Makene’s Driving School, can set you towards the right path. They offer driving classes taught by some of the best professional instructors who possess the needed knowledge and patience to aid you in getting to where you really want to be.

Every woman born with entrepreneurial genes naturally find the idea of running a business of their own very appealing. With tons of work-from-home offers made available through the internet, there’s certainly not a single reason why you cannot stay in the comfort of your home and still earn a pay check.

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First discover what you are really good at, then stick the title of “freelance” before it, and you’ve opened the door to a countless opportunities with limitless choices. Whether it’s painting, singing, accounting, web design, graphic design, educational writing, writing, academic research paper or IT support, the demand by consumers or people who would like to get things done is usually done.


With your passion and profession combined, it won’t take such a long time before you begin making huge cash even with your introverted personality (a blessing in disguise).

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  • Work as a Pet-Sitter

If you are a natural animal-whisperer who does not like having a lot of people around, speaking to animals might just be your heavenly profession, even if you don’t know it yet. If you feel so alive having animals around especially the four-legged ones, you definitely need to try your hand in the pet services industry.

This is because the market for a lot of pet-sitters, dog-walkers, and mobile or in-home groomers is often huge in all cities but few in villages or towns. No need to fear spending so much time with animals, it requires little to no human interaction. Most of the human interaction can be done through email or text. Also, introverted people most times will feel very comfortable around animals rather than humans, so this could be a viable option for you if you decide to give it a shot.

  • Calculate mathematically as a Data Analyst

Careers for Introverted Moms

If you are a mum who loves to solve mathematics, it’s about time you make money from it. Being mathematically minded gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in spreadsheets rather than with people. What this means that you will bury your nose in content related to spreadsheets rather than in long streams of conversation started by people.

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This type of job is called “Data Analysis”. The profession known as Data analysis is one that is always high in demand, and it really pays its workers really well, too. As you get more orders to fill, the majority of your time will be spent writing reports and looking at figures.

The advantages of becoming a data analysis are:

  • There time spent interacting internally with coworkers becomes limited. In some cases, this might make your job pretty overwhelming.
  • Through spending your day in your small closure that offers you some privacy, you’ll suddenly display more control over who you need to interact with at work.

Bottom line?

Doesn’t really matter what your interest or experiences are, there’s always an employer out there who is looking for you. All the sacrifice it takes on your path to finding the “perfect job” for your kind of personality is by doing a little research and having a lot of perseverance coupled with persistence.

In conclusion, being an introverted momma should never stop you from getting your desired job.

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