6 Proven Goal Setting Methods and How to Achieve Them

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Think about this “what would you think would have happened, if you’ve achieved all the goals you set for yourself”…Are you doing that right now? Am I doing Goal setting coreectly?

Now ask yourself this: where will I be if I had achieved every goal I had set for myself?

You will probably be the richest man or the wealthiest woman in the world or maybe the CEO of your company, or the highest paid athelete or better still, you will never get to work ;just traveling accross the world at age 35.

We all have personal crazy goals, the kind of goals that we think about, create and put down in our diaries while carrying it about like it contains some secret formula that will make the   world come to an end.

But the problem  appears to be you…How, you ask?… You notice that year in year out, those goals are usually left unachieved regardless of how hard yoju have tried.

A lot offactors can make you not to achieve a goal or your goals3.

It could be that it does not motivate you enough or you just don’t have the time to work on it, or it could be the minor detail of not writing it down.

It is time to look at your goals to see what you are not doing right.

How to set your goals.

  1. Set compelling goals

For you to be motivated by your goals, they have to be compelling and share worthy.

Highly successful people set and target compelling goals.

That is how they became successful people;this is the secret to achieving goals and getting motivated by things. These people set out to achieve that which has never been done before.

After this, they begin work on these set targets. They work with so much energy and passion that family, friends and admirers think that they have an engine inside of them that is propelling them to work at such capacity.

But all the while they are being propelled by the kind of goals they set for themselves.

And this is what you should have to do too( If you really want to be succesful).

Laern to Set a goal that is so compelling that it wakes motivates you to stay up in the morning and sleep late at night. The kind of goal that reminds you to stop wasting time when you are engaging in activities that do not add value to your life but take away from the little left.

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The kind of goals that will push  you to be your best.

  1. Set SMART goals

Do not just set goals-Be sure that your goals are SMART. This is one of the best ways on ” how to set up goals in life”.

Smart goals also makes it easier for you to get to where you want to be quicker. By specifying where it is you want to be, what is it you want and when you want to get there.

For goals to be compelling, powerful and motivating, they must be SMART.

What is a SMART goal?

A SMART goal is one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound.

  • S – Specific

Your goal should  be as specific as possible so that you can be able to answer the question – what is it you want? Your goal must be clear and be well defined.

Don’t set vague goals and do not generalize.

  • M-Measurable

If you are setting a financial goal, you must endeavour to include the precise amount you want and the dates you want the the goals to be achieved. Measurement will give you specific feedback and hold you accountable for every actions you take.

You have to be able to measure it to know if you are making progress or not

It will also help you to answer one of the most important questions of goal setting – where do you want to be in a year or in five years time?

  • A-Attainable

Goals should motivate and push you to attain goals, but it’s very important that they are achievable. If you set them too high that you can’t achieve them, it will only end up taking a chunk out of your self-confidence.

And they will not be able to do the the primary purpose you set them to do in the first place – to motivate you

  • R-Relevant

Your goals should be related to the kind of person you really are. You don’t want to be a super man with the greatest powers when you want to be a Bill Gates.

Bill Gates are entrepreneurs and businessmen. Athletes build muscles and showoff things the human body can do.

Your goals should motivate how you live your life, the kind of sports you play or enjoy, down to the kind of foods you eat.

All these works together to help you achieve your ultimate goal

Your goals should be relevant to the kind of life you want and to your career.

  • Time Bound
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Your goals must be one that can be achieved within a specific time period. It must have a deadline.

Goals without deadlines are vague.

You will only keep shifting it forward until it suits you. That kind of habit will not help you achieve anything.

The goals that really pushes you are the ones that are time bound. When you think of your deadline approaching, you will be forced to make plans and work.

  1. Make a Plan

goal setting ways

The next question: How are you going to achieve your goals?

You have to be clear about what you want and develop an action plan towards achieving it.

How much time do you want to spend working on your goal? What strategies are you going to use? How are you going to implement your strategies?

You have to have the right answers to this questions because here is where the real work begins.

The plans you make towards achieving your goals is what will determine if your goals will be achieved.

You really have to take it seriously and make a plan.

  1. Have Consequences

This is my favourite. I have tried a lot of things to keep me motivated toward my goals, but nothing has done it better than knowing that every o my actions have consequences I must face when doing goal setting.

In the past, I reward myself when I achieve an important goal. My reward was always to buy stuff for myself.

But it was not effective because, in the end, I will still buy those things.

And again, the stuff I buy are things I want and not what I need anyway, so what’s the point?.

I learned how to use consequences the right way and  soI put it to good use.

Here is how consequences work for me.

Reading is the best way I learn. In other to learn as much as I can, I read 4 books every month. Any month that I fail to read four books, then, I will have to read two extra the next month as punishment for failing to read four books the previous month.

The first time I missed, it was like hell trying to read six books with all the things I had to do.

Since then, I make sure to finish four books a month even if it means suspending every other activity I might engage myself in.

Honestly, I will not want to have that experience again. Though I enjoyed reading those books, it did put me in an unnecessary pressure.

You can put consequences to work. You only need to find a way to scare yourself if you miss your goal.

I still reward myself, but it’s not what I think about. What pushes me more is the consequences of failing to achieve that goal.

That’s what I think about. And it works. (at least for me).

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It works better if it something you hate.

Maybe buying something special for your ex. Donating to a course you hate, donating to a political party or a candidate you would rather not see rule your country or state or city or community or whatever in your lifetime.

The goal has to mean something to you, the consequences also have to mean something to you.

Don’t mind all the hate, you are doing it for you, for your future, for your life.

Another way to use this is to find people to hold you accountable.

When you set your goal, tell somebody about it. A goal that is only known to you is not powerful.

Tell somebody about it. They will hold you accountable when you are not doing your best to achieve the goal.

  1. Revisit and work on your goal

Don’t just set your goals and let it be. Revisit and work on your goals regularly. Maybe twice a week or thrice a week.

Put them down in writing and go through them occasionally.

You have to remind yourself on frequent basis, the goals you set for yourself to keep the fire alive.

If you set them and let them be, you will simply forget about them. Other things in your life will just take over.

For you to stand a chance of achieving those goals, it has to consume you, it has to be what you think about every time, you have to be conscious of it every time and every action you take during that period should be geared towards achieving that goal.

Revising it, working on it, knowing if you are making progress or falling short is a good way of keeping yourself focused on the goal.

  1. Keep at it

how to set your goals

If you have tried your best and you still failed short, keep at it.

Never give up.

Maybe you failed because there are still things you need to learn.

It’s life tapping you at the back, encouraging you to do more,spend more, learn more and be more.

If you fail; dp not be discouraged. Instead pick yourself up again. Failure is a good friend.

Rather than beating yourself up when you fail, ask yourself – what is it that I don’t know? What is  it ot dam noing right?

If you are able to answer those questions, soon enough, you will start seeing results.


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