60 Easiest Things to Flip for Cash and Where to Find Them

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Making an extra income is made possible with our list of easiest things to flip for cash. Not every item can be sold for cash. This is why we have compiled 60 easiest things to flip for profit.

With this guide at hand, making extra cash by selling items online is easier than ever. The internet has provided more platforms to sell on, more apps that make money and a market place where you can purchase items to flip.

In 2018, I have made over $500 per month from flipping stuff for profit. Along with running three other blogs, finding easy things to flip to make money is what I do to pay my bills.

Want to know the best part?

You too can start yours today!

What to Flip to make more money

If you’re a newbie to flipping or has never practiced it before, you’re probably running your hands through your head and trying to figure out where to begin with. Not to worry, we’ll make it easier for you.

The first step is setting aside a flipping budget; this simply means money you’re willing to spend on your initial stock. You can get started with as little as $20.

Here’s where you can find the easiest things to flip for Cash:

  • Thrift stores (Community run, St. Vincent DePaul, Goodwill, Savers, St. Vincent DePaul, and church stores)
  • University and Library book sales
  • The house where you live, your parent’s house, and your grandparent house
  • Estate sales (look at auctionzip.com and estatesales.net)
  • Storage auctions
  • Second hand building supply stores
  • Sales that takes place at the Church
  • Garage sales, and Rummage yard
  • Bulk sellers/Wholesale
  • Liquidation stores
  • Retail stores (in their regular/clearance stock)
  • Ebay, Craigslist, and other online selling sites

When looking for the best items to flip for profit, you will need to buy low and sell high to guarantee maximum cash. That means you have to possess the knowledge of how much you can sell an item for on Craiglist, Amazon, Ebay , or Poshmark.

A good number of online platforms allow you to browse and look for similar items they’re selling. Look at the ”Completed” or “Sold” listings to get a better picture of the actual selling price of items similar to yours.

How to Make Money online- Selling some easiest things to Flip For Cash

Here are simple steps to follow when looking for what to flip to make money:

  • Select a money making app that will be convenient for you to sell the easiest things for profit

Go ahead to download it, install it, add your personal info and payment information(Your credit card, bank info or paypal).

  • Take Very Clear and attractive photos of your items

I recommend you use a digital camera or your high MP phone camera to take crispy clear photos of your items, preferably 4-7 photos for each item. You need not use a professional background but use a simple and clear one.

In my experience, plain coloured walls, wood floors, or brick walls make perfect backdrops for selling apps that allow you flip items for profit. Make sure your photos are captured during the day or direct a lamp with LED bulb or CFL toward the items or take the pictures outdoor.

Ensure to take pictures that highlight the details of your item from above, and underneath. Your goal is to make the customer understand the product description and condition of the item through the photos alone.

  • List your item

Be very open about the condition of the item- whether new or used. Provide other details such as the length, size and weight of the item. If you are listing a jacket, a shirt or top, lay the item on a clean floor and measure the distance from armpit to armpit from the shoulder to the hem. If you are listing a pair of pants, or a skirt, take the measurement from the crotch to cuff (inseam) and the waist from side to side.

Remember to include such details in your listing.

  • Answer questions about your item

Ensure to answer a buyer’s question within 24 hours after it is asked.

  • Get some flipping shipping supplies

For starters, you will need to purchase some packaging tape. You can get some plus some clear plastic bags on Amazon. Get yourself a tape gun and some boxes or bubble mailers, and you’re ready to ship.

  • Once the item is ordered, neatly package it and ship it off to the buyer

Most of the apps will let allow you buy postage online and then print it from a personal laptop or home computer.

Fast and Easy Ways to Make Money: 60 Easiest Things to Flip for Cash

Okies! You have your flipping budget set, you know what and where you’re going to sell, and you’re ready to find the best and easiest items to flip and make some extra income. Here are the safest, easiest and fastest items to flip to make money:

  • Designer Labels

Vintage and Modern designer labels are one of the easiest things to flip for cash. You can quickly locate designer label items lost among the stacked shelves of a regular thrift store. Coach, Hermes, Chanel, Gucci- and more modern designer labels from Miu Miu, Nordstorm and Anthropology as well sell great on Poshmarka, Ebay and other online trade place.

Men and Women vintage wears sell generally on these online classified sites.

  • Vintage Swimwear

Vintage swimwear is another hot blazing item to trade for some profit. These wears go as far as mid-century to the 90s. Items like men’s trunks, vintage swim caps, and skirted suits sell best.

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However, you must check the garment to make sure the seams aren’t lagging, stained or lagging before you purchase for resale.

  • Sports Jerseys

Modern and vintage sport jerseys make more money in the flipping industry especially if the team is having streaks of winning, or having playoffs. If the Jersey is stained, an overnight soak in Oxi-clean will take away. No wonder it made out compilation of easiest things to flip for cash

  • Vintage Letterman Sweaters and Jackets

These two sell like crazy on flipping websites on the internet.

  • Stuffed animals and Plush Toys

Plush toys, stuffed animaks, and stuffies are not only for kids pleasure- they can rake in some serious cash. Most people collect high dollar toys, and they’re more than willing to buy it from you for cash.

A lot of people with plenty cash desire to relive the feelings and memories of their childhood. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love plush?

This has made Plush even more valuable because individuals want to reclaim their childhoods.

  • Tie Bars, Cufflinks, and Tie Tacks

This sells hot for business minded people. Every lover of formal occasion or corporate work love these items as they add an aura to the whole dress sense.

Your main targets for these items are corporate individuals, churchy fellows etc.

easiest things to flip for cash

  • Concert Tees (New and Vintage)

You can make money selling vintage and new concert t-shirts for some extra money- one of the easiest things to flip for cash. Does your vintage tee have holes and stains? Not to worry you can still sell them for profit because die-hard fans just can’t get them anymore. Current brands may sell for a lower price, but still a quick $20 in your wallet is still great profit.

We hope you are enjoying our list of easiest things to flip for cash

  • Wool Cardigans and Sweaters

Wool makes you warm and classy (no doubt), and 100% alpaca, lambswool, mohair sweaters, and wool have great resale value. Damaged sweaters can be flipped for cash in rare cases.

What do I need to look for?

Locate Nordic, fisherman style Chunky knits, grandpa and Mr. Rogers type sweaters.

  • Cashmere Anything (Cardigans, Sweaters and Scarves)

Like genuine wool, 100% cashmere items are a quick flip for cash. Craft makers even use damaged cashmere sweaters to upcycle into new items. Whether it’s a cardigan, sweater, or scarf, you can easily flip cashmere for profit.

  • Vintage Military Uniforms

Vintage Military uniforms are hot cakes too. Buyers often confess that it makes them feel powerful- like heroes. If you can get your hands on some, you can sell for a s little as $40.

Loving this easiest things to flip for cash? Read on for more

  • New and Used Shoes

New and old shoes are a great way of maintaining your cool flipping income. Purchase designer brands, vintage vans and converse, unique women’s vintage shoes, hiking/water shoes, newer athletic shoes in good condition, and men’s dress shoes in good condition.

  • Solid Wood Furniture

Surprisingly, this item is always one out of five best deals in every thrift store. This makes quality furniture an easy flip.

Go for small, versatile pieces that is attractive to apartment-dwellers and look for creative yet simple forms and shapes that can be easily up cycled- avoid oddly-shaped seats as these are the hardest to sell.

  • Retro Barware Sets

Ice buckets, tumblers, swizzle sticks, cocktail shakers, and related items appeal to the young and well-heeled across the globe. Matching sets sells faster, but harlequin or mismatched sets sell well, too. Just make sure each piece is from the same general era. Recently, a 1960s set of six lowball glasses with

  • Power Tools

When people are decluttering or moving out, bargain hunters can quickly acquire power tools at low prices and resell for higher. Make sure to test each item before you buy, give it a light cleaning, grease what needs greasing, and flip it for quick cash.

  • Old Canning Jars

Mason, Ball and Atlas vintage manufactured jars have become dual purposed- utility and decorative items. Unusually large glass, blue and green variety sells for huge prices- especially if they retain their original glass or zinc lids. If you have any of these stacked away in your basements, clean with a mixture of white vinegar and water and trade each for prices ranging $8 to $17 each.

  • Basic Lawn Tools

Old metal hoes, rakes, spades, and other basic lawn care equipment and tools are well made and easy to rehabilitate. Clean them nicely, use a grinder with a brush attachment to get rid of the rust quickly, and then flip them for $10-$20 apiece.

The best part?

Anyone who owns a yard is a potential buyer!- One of the easiest things to flip for cash!

  • Bicycles

You can scour local; thrift stores, yard sales, and Craigslist ads every weekend. You can look for retro models from the “70s and “80s. There are bikes that do not need much repair and the rest will require little cosmetic TLC.

  • Vintage Lawn Furniture

They don’t make the good ol’lawn furniture the way they used to. Vintage steel pieces, iron and aluminum are popularly demanded foe their classic styling and durability. Although complete sets sell better, don’t neglect singles.  Condo dwellers may have room for only two or on chairs, and other buyers prefer to mix and match.

  • Discontinued Beauty Products

Women generally depend on their beauty products, so when companies stop producing a staple item, the price quickly rise on Poshmark and Ebay. Discontinued beauty items to keep an eye out for include but not limited to: foundations, lotions, shampoos and lipstick shades. If the item is opened or unboxed, you will need to check for any funny odour that might indicate the ingredients have separated or spoiled. Estate sale bathrooms are a great place to check for discontinued and vintage beauty products.

  • Vintage Perfume

Like beauty products, vintage perfumes are other easy things to flip for money. Alongside this, you can sell partially used or opened bottles (just remember to disclose this in your listing). When an order is received and you want to ship, remember to choose ground shipping method and pack well.

  • High End Men’s Ties

High end designer mn’s ties are cheap to source, quick to ship, and often increase your flipping profit. Brands like vintage wool tries and Brioni and Hermes sell extremely fast, as do Donald Trump silk ties. When sourcing designer men’s ties, check carefully for holes and stains.

  • Vintage Linens (Quilts, Napkins, Tablecloths, and Bed Linens)

Linens that belong to the vintage era such as bed linens, napkins, and tablecloths are an easy flip for money, even if their condition is “not so great”. BOLO( be on the lookout) for Ikea linens, Irish linen napkin, sheets and covers for kids and adults, vintage Disney bed sheets and Pottery Barn pillow covers. Vintage handmade quilts for adults and kids also sell for great money.

  • Dead stock Socks and Underwear

This one looks absurd but rocks totally! New in package, dead stock socks and underwear sell for HUGE money! You can’t resell used socks and underwear on Ebay but you can sell things new in the package. One of the easiest things to sell for cash is Vintage underwear.

  • Personal Massagers

Used or new vibrating massagers sell quickly and for staple profit, especially ones with cool features like extendible heat and handles. Panasonic is one great brand to look for and is one of the easiest things to flip for cash. Take caution with how you title your listing, for although you can list “neck” massagers in with the general category, some personal massager product listing will be removed and you will be instructed to put them in the adult category.

  • Car Parts

You might have noticed users selling cars on Ebay, but almost every type of car parts are hot sellers, too. If you have access to a local U-pick car parts lot where you pay cash for auto parts by the pound nearby, you could pull off trunk latches and glove box, list them online, and flip for easy profit.

  • Boots

Selling cowboy boots, hiking boots, motorcycle boots, and riding boots are a easy way to make money online any person can do. However, make sure yu test the soles by bending them to know if they have dry rot or not before you make payments for the item.

  • Old Maps, Menus, and Magazines

Paper sells hot! A lot of individuals want to remember the good ol’ days of paging through old magazines, easting at fine restaurants and dinners. Vintage papers, especially when collected with multiple issues are lot together, often sell great.

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Old gas station maps and menus for restaurants that are out of business are sought after for their graphic design. For flippers, old paper ephemera is a great item for flip that can be purchased for cheap.

  • Vintage Ipods and Other Music Players

Androids, IPhones and windows have replaced stand-alone music players today, but lot of people still want to use Zune or an old ipod. If you can charge and test the item before listing it for sale, you’ll get an higher price but even old music with broken screens are worth money (it sells even higher wen it contains a library of songs),

  • Vintage Electronics (Consoles, Cassette Decks, and Walkmans)

Do you still have in your possession cassette tapes from your teen years and find yourself desiring to hear their sound? The market for vintage electronics sells like entertainment. You can make great profit flipping vintage VCR/DVD combos, cassette decks, VCR/TV combos, VCRs, 500-disc CD players and mini-disc players.

Want even more cash by flipping items for profit?

Find Walkmans or other vintage electronics new in the package as they are sold for even higher price.

  • Vintage Slides of Boats, People, Cars, and Planes

Selling vintage slides of vehicles, planes, boats and people sell for big bucks online. Ensure what ou are selling are still in good or fair condition and WHAM! You are good to go!

  • Automatic Shower Cleaners

A couple of years ago, scrubbing bubbles manufactured an automatic shower cleaner that sprayed your shower down with cleaner at regular intervals. But shortly thereafter, they stopped producing it. Customers who had come to depend on the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Cleaners will pay big money if you find of these and resell it. Especially be on the lookout for ones that are new in the box or the sealed cleaning fluid cartridges that go in the dispenser.

  • Spacemaker Appliances

General Electric Spacemaker appliances are some of the few easy things to flip for money. Examples of such appliances include: CD players, coffeepots, radio, and can openers. All of these are a great easy flip for money and are quite easy to find at garage sales and yard.

  • Electronic Chess Sets

Smartphones have made it possible to play Chess online, but chess lovers still enjoy the physical moving of pieces. Look for Kasparov, Novag, DGT, and Excalibur electronic chess sets to resell. Do a quick check to confirm that all pieces are included before purchasing.

  • Reborn Dolls

Reborn dolls are silicone dolls that look lifelike and are sold for high prices in the resale market. A lot of workmanship and skills goes into the creation of reborn dolls, so they’re easy to profit from if you your bargaining power is strong.

  • Unique or Sports Hats

Hats are easy to purchase at garage sales and thrift stores, depending on the condition of the ones you find, they can be a profitable venture. Look for trapper and wool hats, popular bands hats, sports team hats and unique fishing hats.

  • Computer Software Manuals and Programs, Even Really Old Ones

Ever been in a situation where you upgraded your computer and realized that you needed information from a program that you no longer have access to? With each day, businesses and individuals have IRS audits, computer crashes, and other situations that require they use older computer software- and without individuals who find easy things to flip for profit, they’d run out of luck. Old PC manuals and programs, Mac accessories, Old Apple products and vintage clicky keyboards are all profitable items to flip and can be bought  at rummage sales and second hand stores.

  • Flatware

Sterling silver, Flatware, and even silver plated ware pieces can be sold for profit to make extra income online. Look for the manufacturer of the flatware. You might have to dig deeper to identify the pattern but once you email them a picture of the pattern, manufacturers are generally willing to ID pattern for you.

  • Vintage Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

DIY is an hot niche, and vintage materials such as vintage cabinet pulls and knobs can get you fast cash if you can find them.

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easiest things to flip for cash

  • Denim Overalls

Short and full length denim overalls rake in high flipping money and are easy to buy for cheap. Women and Men’s jean overalls sell well too.

  • Pantyhose

Old pantyhose- new in package and even pairs with holes and runs- are one of the easiest things to flip for cash when piled into large lots.

  • Vintage Blankets and Towels

Do you have vintage blankets, dish towels; towel sets and wool blankets are an easy flip for money. Movie set and TV dressers generally buy these items to use as period props on a production.

  • Vintage Sportswear (Tommy Hulfiger, Nike, Adidas, and Champion)

Watch out for older Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Polo, Nike, Champion, and other sportswear brands. Look for nylon jackets with big spell-out logos- easy things to flip to make money.

Still need more ideas on what to flip to make more money?

  • Razor Cartridges

Estate sales are perfect spots to locate old razor cartridges stuffed in a drawer. Razor cartridges for both women’s and men’s razors are sold for more cash and are easy to ship + flip.

  • Vintage Eyeglasses

Vintage eye glasses speak one language- Class! Fashion crazed people buy this for good cash + they are easy to pack and ship.

  • Old Gaming Cords, Systems, and Games

It is true that recent game systems hold value and can bring you money. But even older, outdated systems such as Playstation 1, Sega Genesis, and Nintendo 64 are easy to purchase at garage sales and desired by game collectors.

  • Vintage VHS Horror Films

Horror film buffs command cash. How? You will get paid for vintage VHS horror films that were never released to DVD. Run a visual check on the tape to be sure that mould hasn’t begun growing inside the case. One of the easiest things to flip for cash!

  • Snow Gear (Adult Jackets, Snow Bibs, Snowpants)

Outfitting yourself for snowboarding and skiing gets expensive, so there’s a huge resale market for snow gear. Keep an eye out for full length snow pants, overall/snow bibs, and zip out jackets in larger sizes.

  • Fast Convertible Pants and Dry Shirts(Fishing, Hiking)

These items make fishing and hiking more comfortable and fun to do. Look out for ones in good conditions as they are one of the best items to flip.

  • Role Manuals and Playing Games

RPG is fun and the manuals cost even higher. How? People often throw away the guides and will need them later to configure the game.

  • Keep an eye out for vintage Dice, Manuals and Dungeons & Dragons books

You know why? because you can sell them for far higher price than recent books and games.

Want more ideas on easiest things to flip for cash? Continue reading…

  • Educational DVD Sets

Consumers often spend heavily on DVD sets for education, business, or other classes, but once they’ve consumed the materials, they end up at thrift stores, yard sales or thrashing it away. Educational DVD sets in good conditions are an easy thing to flip for profit.

  • Hair Medications and Regrowth Devices

Individuals plagued with baldness and thinning hair are always willing to pay big money for quick solutions that work. Hair regrowth medications and therapies sell fast for good flipping cash.

  • Business Phones

Look in the business section of Craigslist and you will find lots of business phones. Check the phone brand and model to see if there’s profit in it.

  • Midcentury Modern Stuff (from the 1950s and 1960s)

Midcentury design is trending right now. Check out kitchen ware, décor and accessories with atomic themes and starbursts.

Keep an eye out for authentic pieces that are in fair or good shape. Coffee tables, chairs, Dinnerware, flatware, and lamps are all excellent items in the resale market.

  • Vintage Push Button Phones and Rotary

They are almost easy to get. Once you get a seller, begin the bargain process. Good luck!

  • Large Completed Crewel pieces, Embroidery and Cross Stitch

Big needlework pieces require long hours of work to complete. People who admire the look but don’t want to do the work themselves- or who just appreciate the handwork as art- are looking for crewel pieces, completed cross stich, and embroidery , so they’re one of the easiest things to flip for cash.

  • Vintage Fabric Yardage

You know the drill; find cheap and sell higher. It’s no wonder they are one of the best items for flip for profit.

  • Remote Controls and AC Adapters

Remote controls for Bose stereos, Car stereos, TV and cable boxes + stereo equipment all sell fast online. AC adapters for brand laptops, pet containment fences, and breast pumps are also easy quick flips for money.

easiest things to flip for cash

Conclusion on easiest things to flip for cash

There you have it- all of my flipping secrets based on the easiest things to flip for cash. Share with us the easy things to flip for money you have practiced and is working for you via the comment section.

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