7 Best Agriculture Business in Nigeria

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Are you looking for an agriculture business in Nigeria you can start? What are some of the best agricultural businesses in Nigeria  that can work?

If you want the answers to all the questions, then read the article from start to finish and you’ll find all the answers and get the most profitable agricultural business you can do in Nigeria.

Here is a surprising fact:

Every agricultural business idea in Nigeria has/will have consumers/potential customers in the market irrespective of where the agricultural business is located. This will continue to be so as far as humans still have the need to feed the human body.

Although many may argue that not all forms of agricultural product works in every location of the country.

That maybe true but certainly not entirely true.

Considering how the weather changes and our different cultural differences, certain foods grow better in one location than the other, not only that, their demand in such locations are usually higher.

If you’re planning on building an agricultural business, you have to look for what best works in your location and most importantly, is in high demand.

Enjoying this? Grab a coffee and let me take you on an adventure.

Because today, I am going to show you many best agricultural business ideas that work anywhere in the country.

But before going into the agricultural business idea, let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know before going into agricultural business.

Things you should know before going into agricultural business in Nigeria

Here are a few things you should know before going into any agriculture business.

  • You’ll need to get the knowledge

7 Best Agriculture Business in Nigeria

Knowledge is a key to the success of whatever thing humans want to do and the right kind of knowledge guarantees a business is successful. It’s importance even in the agricultural sector cannot be overemphasized. Avoid making fruitless decisions based on assumption as that will not make you get the yield that you want and would cause a defect/many defects in your business.

For instance, there are different methods to observe when one is to farming during the dry and rainy season, time for fertilizer application, transplant etc.

When you get the right knowledge, then you’re ready to move to the next step.

  • Put your knowledge into action by taking baby steps
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Have you gotten the needed knowledge? Good! Now let’s move on to putting your knowledge into action. Without taking actions, you’ll never get to know if the knowledge works or not.

You don’t have to start big, but you can start small and learn as you work your way around things. That’s why taking baby steps are really crucial to the growth of the business. This is because in my experience, not everything you’ve read about or seen will work. It’s a whole lot better to practice and gain firsthand experience of things.

Another advantage is, when you start small, it’s easy to spot the cracks and what you need to do to correct all the cracks.

  • It’s not a get rich quick scheme

Many times, people walk up to me and ask “is it a get rich quick scheme?” This is one question I’ve been asked, over and over again. To be honest, business grows with time and you have to know this.

Are you ready? let’s dive into the best agricultural business in Nigeria you can start today.

Agriculture business in Nigeria –Top 7 agricultural business ideas

Africa, a land rich in many mineral resources is indeed a land of opportunity. Because of how fertile the land is and considering some have little space, some of the agricultural product can be grown or reared in the backyard. So no need to be sacred if you live in the urban areas of naija, you can conveniently turn your backyard into a farm. Isn’t that good news?

This is even better if you’re starting out for the first time and want to learn about the business before going into it on a much larger scale.

Discussed below are some of the coolest agricultural businesses in Nigeria you can do in the agribusiness sector:

Here we go.

1.)    Poultry farming

7 Best Agriculture Business in Nigeria

This is probably one of the most popular agriculture business in Nigeria today. This is simply because the number of people feeding on chicken egg and meat are numerous.  This could be attributed to the fact that this agribusiness is easy to setup and done from your backyard (backyard poultry farming; I will be writing a guide on this very soon).

There are three aspects from which you can start the business. You can either start the business to focus on meat (that’s growing broilers or cockerel) ,grow layers (for egg production) or on both(Kroilers).

2.)   Rice farming

With massive efforts by the government and many private bodies to reduce import of agric produce, in the rice farming sector, rice farming is one of the fast rising agric business in Nigeria.

The cool thing about farming rice is that it can be done irrespective of the location that you’re in.  All you need is the right type of land, soil, seedlings and employ the best farming practice and you’re good to go.

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Rice can be farmed during the dry and rainy season.

If you want to start a rice farm and grow it into a very lucrative business, we’ve written about the complete guide to starting a rice farming business.

3.)   Fish farming

Fish is a great and cheap source of protein and vitamins to humans. This has made it in recent years to be one common food that has grown highly in demand. However, Farmers have failed to meet up the demands as the government keeps importing fish to meet up the increasing demand.

Starting a fish farming business will fetch you money that you need. Why? Because the business has the market and its market will continue to grow.

There are several ways you can join the business and these include:

  • Starting the business by hatching and selling fingerlings to existing farmers.
  • Either buying or growing the fish from fingerlings to broad stock.
  • Buying the already grown fish, fattening them and sell it to retail customers to make profit.

Whichever way you decide to join the business, you still can get the required customers and makes the profit you’ll need.

If you want to start a fish farming business, we have written extensively on the process you’ll need to start the business of fish farming business.

4.)   Pig farming

While growing up, pig farming was a big business in many parts of the south. Farmers grow them and then transport them to the northern part. But that was then, today, no such thing seems to be happening as the northerners have grown strict with their laws.

That doesn’t mean that pig farming business is dead. Today there is more demand for pig and few farmers.

Pig farming can be started in your backyard (although that will require a lot of work from you but surely, it can be done) and grow the business. However, getting to know the step by step process will go a long way in ensuring you become successful at the end of the day.

5.)   Tomato farming

Many think that tomato farming is only possible in the northern part of Naija and this is simply because of the tomato is grown more in the north than any other part of the country.

Well, I have some good news, truth is, and tomato farming is possible regardless of where your farm is located.

To increase your success rate in tomato farming, you’ll need to use a greenhouse which will ensure that you control the temperature year in year out and at the same time, maintain or increase your production.

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If you intend to start the business of tomato farming, then you can read the complete process of starting a tomato farming business.

6.)   Processing business

There are many raw materials beneath the ground waiting for discovery and the already discovered one are waiting to be refined in today’s agricultural industry. But there is still plenty of rooms for the processing of the product.

Lack of processing is a why many naija consumers opt for foreign foods like rice because they’ve been processed and have been free from impurities.

There are different processing businesses you can begin today. However, there are certain things to consider before going into the processing business and these include:

  • Ensure that there is a regular supply of the raw material. This will keep you in business and thus grow your customer’s base.
  • Ensure that the price you accord each product is affordable.
  • Have a future plan to ensure that the business will begin their own product line.

These are some of the processing things to take into consideration.

7.)   Maize farming

Maize is one we cannot do without for several reasons. Two major reasons are because:

  • it’s a stable food and
  • Secondly, it’s one major raw material for animal feeds.

If you’re thinking of starting maize farming, you’ll definitely need to go through the practical learning process.

When maize farming is done right, one hectare of land can produce between 80 to 100 bags (You know how much that is worth #winks).


I know what you’re probably thinking, but before you conclude, these of course are not the only agricultural farming in Nigeria. There are many other agricultural businesses in Nigeria. But we’ve discussed here the best agricultural business idea.

The opportunities are never ending in the agricultural sector. As our population which is estimated to be more than 200 million in the next few year’s increases, the demand for food will continue to be soar high.

It’s the few farmers/businessmen and women who take advantage of the opportunity that’ll reap the reward in the nearest future.

The big question is which Agriculture business in Nigeria will you do? Or will you just prefer to left out of the great food change coming soon? Do you have comments or other agribusiness you feel is worthy to be added to this list? Feel free to let us know by making your contributions at the comment box.


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