If you’re looking to expose your product or service to thousands of people interested in personal finance, Make Money 2000 (MM2k) is a great way to do it. Companies like H&R Block and Nationwide have seen the benefit of advertising on a growing site that’s generated millions of pageviews.

To get started, all you need to do is send me an email and we put together a tailored plan designed to meet your business objectives. Currently MM2k sells 125 x 125 graphic ads based on the cost per thousand impressions (CPM). This model has delivered thousands of highly qualified readers to our advertisers’ sites, and I’m sure the same can be done for yours.

That said, I don’t accept just any ad. I review both products and potential ads to make sure they are beneficial to my readers (i.e. no payday loan ads for sure!) Then, if I feel the product/service is worthwhile and legitimate, the ad can run.

If you have a great product and want to reach a targeted audience, send me an email and we can develop a winning ad program for you.

For those of you contacting me about ads, affiliate offers, content suggestions and the like, if you send me a note and I do not respond, that means I’m not interested. There’s no need to re-send or keep badgering me. I will not respond and am not interested. Sorry to be so harsh, but as you might imagine I get quite a few emails like these. I respond to very few because I am simply not interested.