iMutual Top Cash Back: An Honest Review

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iMutual is a top online cashback website that offers its users the opportunity to pick up cashback payments whilst also working from home and making some money. It is a very different top cash back site.

In other words, it gives you shares alongside cash back you earn. It sounds unsual(I know) but they have been successful in selling this as an opportunity to be part of a social experiment as well as being part of a firm whose shareholders are also members( and as such, their interests are really in line). While I cannot guarantee that you’d love the site or something, there are some really cool stuffs about the site that you just cannot ignore.

First, the good stuff, Members can join for free with a few clicks and start earning cashback from their online account minutes away. The trick to earning more here is through online shopping, as it is with most online cashback sites, with shoppers being able to generate commissions through shopping at one of many major online retailers. Especially popular brands that form part of the line-up such and Amazon, Argos, Groupon, and others, so you can be rest assured that some or all of your favourite shopping sites listed on the site. The cashback to be earned through this site is also generous, ranging from a few percent right up to 20% and more at some outlets.

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How to earn:

Imutual Top Cashback Review

You need to check them out before you make any online purchase and you’ll earn cash back. Plus, they also give you shares of the company, meaning that whenever they are able to pay dividends (maybe in another 2-3 years), you’d earn dividends on the shares you own.

Loving this amazing cashbackers already?

It gets interesting:

Because of it’s free bonus shares, this company has been labeled the only cashback online site that gives its customers a chance to won a stake in the company that runs it, which is interesting, and way unusual if you ask me. New users are allowed to pick up to 100 free shares when they first join their forum and a further 1 share every time they earn 5p cashback with this amazing service.

Don’t get too excited though. Their shares are presently not tradable on major recognised stock exchanges, so they possess no real, discernable value and as such, are unlikely to be of a great deal of practical use to members as it would be really difficult(if not totally non-realistic) to sell them on to realise a value.


iMutual Top Cash Back An Honest Review

Payment method(s) and thresholds for cashbackers:

The payment threshold is only £1! Cash back is paid to you through PayPal or BACS. You should make your payment request before 7am on a Tuesday and you should receive your money on or before Friday (not longer than this). You will need to manually request your payout in your account as this isn’t automatic.

My verdict:

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The idea and market strategy behind them is amazing and it is a company where 90%  are owned by shareholders( the users). Also, the actual cash back paid is comparable with cash back paid out via Quidco.

While the service provides a fairly wide range of cashback opportunities, I wouldn’t discourage you from trying out other services we would be reviewing in the future (to maximize your online shopping experience).

iMutual is a pretty smart competitor as they offer £27 cash back and 270 shares for RAC car insurance, whereas Quidco is offering £30. I am very satisfied and will continue using them.


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