How To Earn $398/Day Using Our How To Make Plantain Chips Guide

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What if I told you that you can make as much as NGN200,000 and above from plantain chips business in Nigeria? This is very true as a friend of mine once made 100k after doing hard core advertising within 3 days. You need to take advantage of this profitable venture and establish yourself as a professional in chips making. We understand the importance of being self-employed; that is why we at Makemoney2000 have taken time to write this effective guide on how to make plantain chips.

You would agree with me that there is an abundance of plantain all across Nigeria, especially in the south-West, south East, and south-south. The good news about this business is that you can comfortable run it as a home based business. It doesn’t matter if you are starting small, medium or large.

The best news about this agribusiness is that it is not being tapped into by many people i.e. you can still cart away thousands or millions of profit if you begin today. So what are you waiting for?


Plantain chips are another form of plantain (whether ripe or unripe). They are often crunchy or crispy in nature, produced from either unripe or ripe plantain and are enjoyed as snacks by many.

When ready, the chips from the ripe plantain are usually brownish black in colour while that of the unripe is golden or yellowish in colour.  The plantain belongs to the same family as banana so it will only be right to refer to it as “sweet banana chips”.

Other ways the plantain can be consumed include:

  • As pottage,
  • Boiled and eaten alongside stew or rice, flour etc.

Plantain is very rich in fibre. This makes it super healthy for you to consume.


The three basic human needs (food, shelter and clothing’s) have made Plantain chips business experience a boom in recent years. Another reason for its rise in trend is because it does not require huge capital for a start-up, in fact with as little as NGN5,000 you can start the business from the comfort of your home. You will be surprised at how quickly you will achieve people financial freedom with this business because the profit margin is high.



Like any other business, the plantain chips business requires you take a bold step of faith, hard work and determination. You can earn as much as $398/Day if you follow our how to make plantain chips guide. Either you choose to start small or big; you still make money! But first, you need to locate a nearby market that sells plantain in large quantities, get a truck loader, keke napep, or taxi to help you transport the bunches to your location. I recommend you form an alliance with experienced people in same business as you are so that logistics can be easy.

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To test waters, you can start off by making chips in low quantity and then proceed to sell to families, classmates, neighbours, colleagues and friends. Watch their reaction and take down their comments so you know where you can improvise. Continue to do this until you record an almost perfect score.

At this stage, your business is ready to be launched. Remember “the taste is the difference and the difference is the taste”.  If it tastes like heaven, there will be pre-orders before you even begin production at all.

As earlier stated, NGN5,000 will kick off your business but to make substantial profit, I recommend you start with  at least NGN40,000 if you want to make NGN200,000 and above per day or per month.



  • Ripe or unripe Plantain
  • A can of vegetable oil
  • A sachet or bag of salt
  • Ground pepper. You can choose to add garlic or ginger  for additional taste
  • Onions (optional)



  • Bowl:to be used for washing your plantain
  • A frying pan: for frying the plantain you sliced
  • Clean water: for washing the pan, the plantain, utensils and other items or products
  • A good quality sieve: to drain out water from the sliced plantain before frying
  • A metal frying spoon: to bring out the fried chips from the oil
  • Gas/Electric cooker/Charcoal for fire
  • Expandable papers: to spread the chips after draining the oil before packaging. These papers help to absorb every inch of the non-drained oil that is left. Spreading it makes it cool off faster.
  • Plantain cutter – You can opt for a plantain cutter or a knife. The plantain cutter is made for cutting plantain uniformly according to your desired pattern and size.



how to make plantain chips

  • Separate the selected plantain from the rest. Then wash and peel the plantain. Slice them into a bowl of water (to prevent the sliced plantain from changing colour).
  • Add seasoning such as salt to taste. Pack them into the sieve so the water can be drained. Add any of the ground spices your desire. Light up your gas, electric or charcoal cooker, pour the vegetable oil into the frying pan and place it on the fire you started.  Allow the oil to heat up so that it becomes very hot, pour the sliced plantain into it and fry accordingly.
  • Don’t turn them too frequently (a maximum of two times is good). Once they become golden-brown in colour, it’s time to get them out of the hot oil. The chips will give a slight “dry sound” when you are turning the plantain in the fire; this means that they are ready.
  • Put them all into a sieve for the oil to drain, pour them out on the already spread extended paper and spread to allow them cool off a little but do not leave them for too long so they won’t take in too much air and lose their crunchy nature.
  • Lastly, you can proceed to package them according to price and quantity.
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Packaging is everything; it is what your consumers would see before they buy your products. So make sure that it is not only unique, it should be attractive. Good packaging equals to increased sales. That is why your design needs to be beautiful and catchy.

Employ the use of a strong nylon or transparent containers so that air won’t penetrate it. Your business name should be short, easy to remember and appealing to your label. Place your unique label on top of the nylon or container if you are using a custom made packaging material. After this, you can seal it. Taste and attractiveness should stand your chips out.


You should also give present your customers the option of choosing which taste to go for. For example, you can offer them:

  • ripe and unripe,
  • salted and non-salted,
  • spiced and non-spiced,
  • Onion flavour and garlic flavour etc.


Carry out a survey to discover what people complain about your competitors and then build on that so that yours taste a whole lot better. Take record of the kind of plantain chips that sells more and then produce them in larger quantity. More sales equals more money.



Your market strategy and capital will strongly determine the quantity to produce. There is no need to produce chips in large quantities when you cannot sell them all within a short period of time. A well fried plantain chips, packaged with strong materials and air tightly sealed can remain crunchy or crispy for as long as 3 to 6 months. A freshly prepared chip will most likely record more sales.


how to make plantain chips

Before you go commercial with your plantain chips, you need to first produce samples and advertise to shops, open markets, supermarkets, schools, and street hawkers. This is a sure fire way to get a reasonable number of middlemen to supply to.

Avoid making assumptions that will make your business fail even before it begins. People love to try new things; you can take advantage of this fact by making sure your chips are uniquely different from others.

Hawkers that sell goods and services during an increased traffic (hold-up and go-slow) sell faster, get to them and supply. Walk up to eateries and institutions with samples and a business card.

Be consistent in what you do so that you can achieve greater results. Make your chips readily available for people to buy whenever they need it.


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Location: This is perhaps the #1 challenge of the sale of plantain chips. The earlier you identify a good environment for the business, the better for you. You have to situate your shop or store close to a population that patronizes you the most.

Consistency: This can negatively affect your business when not done. I have noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs start off good but quickly reduce quantity as they begin to record an increased sale. The result of this is a total loss.

Please avoid making such a mistake. Start with something you can keep doing for a long period of time. Do not reduce it! Only maintain it or increase it!

Dedication: Your passion and dedication matters a lot. It’s the force that drives you and your business.

Planning: The importance of a well-established business plan cannot be overlooked; it is a point of reference so your business continues to run. To succeed, you have to put adequate plans in place.

Good management: Although every business has its risk factors, you can reduce your to a minimal by following our how to make plantain chips Guide.


To get the best result in your plantain chips business in Nigeria, you should use only the best vegetable oil such as the kings etc.

Because Kings Oil does not change form whilst still giving you the same great taste, it can be used over and over. If you decide to use another, make sure it is well refined because unrefined oil will produce plantain chips that are unattractive. You also re-use the unrefined oil because it will turn black, the taste will also be bad. It will also make you spend more on the long run as it tends to absorb a bigger quantity of oil compared to the good ones.

Avoid over salting the plantain chips as this will make it to be bitter. It would be better if there is not enough salt rather than you over salting the whole thing.

I would recommend you not to add salt to a ripe plantain because its sweet nature gives enough taste. Additionally, you can use wood or charcoal in plantain chip business, as it is faster and more economical when compared to gas.

If you are not using electronics, make sure you use a big fryer (something similar to the ones used to fry garri) to reduce your stress levels and achieve quicker results. You will need to get more hands if you plan to do large production; failure to do results in you getting stressed out of the business.


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