Easy Ways To Save Money on a Tight Budget

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Are you looking for ways to save money on a tight budget? Do you know that feeling and frustration you get when you are working so hard yet earning so little?. It gets worst when you begin to wonder and ponder how on earth you can ever save with an income like that.

Overtime, you develop this strong obligation to save some part of your income for future purposes. Whatever reason you feel obligated to save for; you know that it cannot satisfy your needs.

I remember having an argument with a close pal of mine who could not understand why I keep telling people to tuck part of their daily, weekly or monthly income safely in a safe box or in a bank despite the harsh economic situation in the world.

“Everything you are writing about savings are bullSh!t, he said. “Are you human at all? I am sure you are not. How can you tell people to save their money when they can barely survive”?

I thought about it for a whole day and then I had to agree that he’s got a point.

We live in an ugly world and it becomes worse when you live in a country where people earn peanuts. You will not blame them for not having the flair to save.

Living in a country where graduates are paid twenty thousand naira (regardless of your knowledge in problem solving tasks), yet they are expected to live in the city (around the place of their work where rent takes more than half of their salary), pay their rent, transport themselves to their place of work and feed themselves (with their family; in case they had one).

The cold truth is that in your journey to be financially free (be your own boss), you need to save.

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It is quite hard, in fact very hard, I know, but with determination, it can be done.

Simple ways to save money on a tight budget

Savings and Discipline

When you save, it not only helps you achieve financial freedom, but it also disciplines you.

I used to be a very terrible money handler, not that I am now a perfect money handling expert, but things really began to turn around for the better when I learned to save.

I immediately became conscious of how much I earn, what it could afford to do for me and what it could not buy or take care for me.

I also came to the full realization that in order to have some money left for me to save by the month’s end, I need to give up some lifestyle that I could not afford.

After a short while, things changed, I became fully aware and very conscious of what I earn.

The consciousness about my payment and what it can do changed everything.

Imagine when you earn money and you don’t know what that money can do for you more so, what it cannot do for you.

For instance, when you earn hundred thousand naira and think you can afford to live like celebrities. The result of this? You become a financial mess. You spend, spend and spend till you have nothing else to spend. Then you borrow and borrow till no one will lend you.

Then you return home and curl up on your bed and wonder what kind of life this is( You might even think some witches and wizards have jinxed you whereas that is clearly not the case).

When I first began working, upon receiving my salary, I must have spent more than sixty percent of it. What I have to do when I receive it is pay off my debt, spend the rest and wait for the end of the month (end of the month that would suddenly begin to crawl whenever am in that situation) to get paid again.


With saving money, you plan your life in such a way that your income can be able to finance your lifestyle and have some more left. And that is not easy. It takes lots of discipline and determination from you and words of encouragement from family and friends.

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Why I am making so much emphasis on discipline?

Most people do not realize nor understand that the life they are living is so big that their earnings cannot finance it. The end result? Poverty!

That is why your financial resolutions for each year are not working. Year in, year out it seems you are not making any financial progress despite the fact that as the year goes by you are earnings increase.

If you are honest about it, savings will help you achieve the discipline you need. You will gradually begin to build your way to financial freedom. A little here, a little there and your savings are increasing (isn’t that awesome?).

How do you save when you earn little?

The secret to saving more while earning little?

If your income is so small you can barely survive, this is what you must do.

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Start small.

Easy Ways To Save Money on a Tight Budget

Yes, start small. I know you have been waiting for a magical formula or some secret that will save you millions. There is no such thing as that. It is that simple yet hard to do!

The daily, weekly or monthly amount you save regardless of how small does not matter as long as it is consistently maintained. Consistency matters a lot!

One of the many mistakes and lies people make about savings is that if the money is not significant enough, they will not save. This means that they will have to wait till they start earning so well to make room for that significant money (which may never happen). Why? Because human needs are insatiable; the more your income, the more your distractions or your thirst for material things increase.

The biggest problem with this common deceit is that you may never get to know when you will start earning enough. Years can go wasted without saving anything.

Savings can be likened to a drop of water. No matter how small it drips, given time, it has the ability to fill a bucket. So is savings.

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Even if it is five hundred dollars or one thousand dollar is what  you can be able to squeeze out, be diligent with it.

Soon enough you will have a reasonable sum that will enable you to invest in something tangible.

Save! Save more! Save! And Save!

Never give up! Keep saving! It is going to take a miracle for you to be financially free if you do not save.

If you decide to wait till you start earning millions and billions before you develop the important habit of saving, wealth and financial freedom will continue to elude you because you do not have one of the basic ingredients to wealth – savings.

Yes, your income will increase, because at some point you will be promoted in your place of work or your business will get even better. But true wealth, the one that can afford you almost anything will never come that way.

The world’s wealthiest and richest men and women are people who have overtime developed and stocked to good savings habit. They did not wait till they started making millions before they began to save wisely.

They only worked hard, saved, thought of ideas and then proceeded to invest their savings in many profitable businesses. They repeated the cycle over and over again and gradually they became wealthy and of course financially free.

If you want to attain something, it is good practice to learn from those who have experienced such things firsthand. In all the autobiographies and biographies of men( and women) of wealth that I have read and in all the writings of how the world biggest fortunes were accumulated, I have not seen one that underplayed the importance of savings.

They achieved financial freedom through easy  ways to save money on a tight budget(savings), and so can you!.


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