Must Read:Five Signs You Retired Too Early

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CNN Money lists five indicators you retired too early as follows:

  1. You’re bored
  2. Your expenses are unpredictable
  3. You don’t qualify for health insurance
  4. You’re withdrawing early on Social Security benefits
  5. Your financial planner isn’t completely happy


Here’s my take on these:

Yes, it’s true that you need something to retire TO, not just retire FROM a thing. If you have no life outside of work, you either need to find some things to do or perhaps keep working. As for me personally, I have so many fun things I like to do that I’m more busy than ever (in a good way) and get up at 5: 30 am each day mainly because I want to do them!

This is where a budget comes in handy. Not only does it help get you to retirement (by being a tool you can use to control your spending), but helps you predict what your retirement budget (both income and expenses) could be. You will not want to retire without completing a solid budget ahead of time} and one that includes margins of safety in case income is lower or costs are higher than expected. We had over 20 years of data in Quicken,so estimating our retirement budget was a breeze. You don’t have to have that much info, nevertheless I’d suggest at least five years to have a very good guess at what your costs will be.

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Healthcare in retirement life is a HUGE issue because it’s really so expensive. Unfortunately,  there aren’t a lot of great alternatives, but some gaining popularity are overall health sharing ministries like Samaritan Ministries and Medi-Share. You really should check them out.

There’s a whole question on when to take Social Security. No one knows the best time for any one individual since we all don’t know when a specific person will die. That said, generally taking it later is much better and if you have to have it to make to make your retirement work, it’s probably best to delay a bit and build up some more personal savings.

LOL! First of all, I’m rather skeptical on the wisdom numerous”planners” (who are really just simply glorified sales people). Second, he may not be completely happy simply because you’re moving from accumulating assets which this individual gets paid to manage to drawing down those investments. I wouldn’t put much weight on what my personal planner thought as long as I was confident in my own capability to manage my finances. In the event you know nothing about funds, you’re kind of stuck and definitely will need to listen to someone more knowledgeable.

Anyway, that’s my own take on these five. How do you feel about them?


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