How To Cut Your Own Hair at Home and Save Money

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Are you in search for answers to questions like: how to cut your own hair?, how to cut my own hair men, how to cut your own hair men? You’ve come to the right place.

Until you try to cut your own hair, you will never enjoy the satisfying feeling you derive when you learn how to cut your own hair, practice it and save money. A lot of us grew our hair long and don’t see the need to reduce its length-a reduction in maintenance costs.

You might have thought about cutting it but might not have grown the nerve to actually follow through with the plan. We all dread that look-dead ugliness! But it doesn’t have to be so. In fact, in many cases, it is not always so (but the voices in our heads completely disagree). This guide will show you two methods to cutting your hair smoothly and getting it right.

When I was little, I used to hate going to the hairdresser with my mom.

She’d pay a huge amount of money to have someone massage her scalp, cut her hair and make it look so pretty, only to discover that it was not done the way she wanted it, and then the next day, her hair looks just as bad as before.

And so, I made up my mind never to go the salon to cut my hair. At age 19, I decide to start saving money by giving myself that handsome look I truly deserve. At age 20, I bought a clipper, scissors and a box of dye and set to work. I watched some tutorials on youtube and did a few practical’s- I helped my sister cut her hair while I was younger so it was very easy for me. It was pretty quick, easy, and I got what I wanted without paying any exorbitant money like my mom did.

The best way for you to cut your hair is by first starting with a trim.

This same method works for cutting, but should only take a centimetre or two from the ends. The more casual your style, the easier it is easy for you to cut- and the more practice cutting your own hair, the more skilled you will become.

To start with, you’ll need a quality pair of hair shears from somewhere like Hair house Warehouse and a comb.

If you plan to do this regularly, don’t get the cheapest pair – sharp shears will make it quicker and easier to cut, and be less likely to cause split ends.

It’s much more easier to cut your hair while you’re in your underwear or in a towel because tiny bits of hair, like sand, can discover hidden places on your body you thought you didn’t even have-and they itch plus they become irritating to you!

Select a time you know you will not be disturbed so you can fully concentrate . You will need to wash ypur hair first and then sit at the front of a big mirror(one at the front and one at the back) in a brightly-lit room.

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The first method is one shared by Feye-you would agree with me that this method is quite simple and not so long. I totally recommend it for any beginner..

Steps on how to cut your own hair and save

How To Cut Your Own hair at Home and Save Money

Let us begin…

Ensure your hair is straight: This can be easily achieved through brushing your hair in a straight manner. You can opt for a dry cut because when you cut your hair when wet, it will be shorter than you intended in the first place after it dry’s.


Part your hair in the middle and bring both sides forward. Put the hair from one side in a ponytail holder. Tilt your head back and re-brush your hair so the hairs are tidy. Grip the hair with your index and middle finger and don’t let your hair move in between your fingers. The scissors will be in your other hand.

Start cutting. I recommend going for about 2 inches.

Congratulations on finishing one part. You need to re-do step 2 for the other side.

If the end result you want is not a “V” shape, pull your hair into a ponytail at the end of your neck and put the ponytail holder to the base of your hair. After this, cut off the little point that is there. Should in case you want the “V” shape, simply skip this step!

To make them even prettier, look closely in the mirror to check if there are any weird looking hairs left. If there are any, trim away!

This would be a great money-saver help if you got kids in your family. Give the little ones a nice homemade haircut too.

For More Watch: Watch Youtube tutorial on here




This sounds obvious but as with any haircut it’s the most important-you choose a hairstyle that you like and that will suit you and your hair.

STEP ONE: How to cut your own hair

Wash your hair and comb your way through to make them as straight as possible.

You must ensure to keep your head in a straight position (how you’d naturally hold your head) to see how your hail falls.

Split your hair in half sown to the base of your head and pull it either side of your shoulders, like you are about to put it in low and dorky pigtails. It’s not a must the divide needs to be straight unless of course you are cutting a dead-straight and severe style. A rough divide is perfect for most “natural hairstyle lovers”.

STEP TWO: How to cut your own hair

how to cut my own hair men (1) (1)

If you are cutting in layers or have lots of hair, you will have to divide the top half of your hair and clip or tie it on top of your head-this allows you work on the bottom half.

If you have a lot of hair, or are cutting in layers, you will need to divide the top half of your hair off and tie it or clip it on top of your head so you can work on the bottom half.

You can try trimming from back-to-front as this gives you a better visual guide to how long your hair will look. Plus it is less tiring if you do it this way. Also, the line of your hair doesn’t have ti be perfect unless you have got a very stark cut.

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STEP THREE: How to cut your own hair

Going through with the first snip is always the hardest part, why? Because it serves as the benchmark for length by which the rest of your hair must follow.

You keep cutting your hair till it fits the intended length. If you cut less than intended, you might need to take a break and then resume later to finish off the rest.

Grab the furthest section of your hair located at the back on one side, approximately 2-3cm wide. Proceed to comb it out straight and, using your other hand, hold it tight. Move your fingers slowly to the point you want to cut at.

You can achieve two results in this way: the traditional blunt cut and the more natural look.

  • The traditional blunt cut: To achieve this, you need to cut straight across the bottom.
  • The more natural look: Cut at a forty-five degree angle with multiple snips to produce a mini zigzag.

STEP FOUR: How to cut your own hair

As soon as you make the first cut, pull about half of the initial section of your hair and another section of the same size.

Begin combing it straight and pull it tightly downwards while looking forward into the mirror. This acts a s a replica to where your hair will hang naturally.

Great job!

Now, using the same cutting technique, trim your hair to the same length as the initial section.

Ensure you repeat this as you move slowly across towards your face.

Note: To achieve a slightly straighter look, hold your hair tautly to the side, but you can do this later if you’re using a jagged-edge technique.

It’s super important that you let the newly cut hair hag in place, comb it and look closely to make sure that each part of the hair is no longer or shorter than the rest. If you notice your hair is beginning to dry out, spray or splash water on it and comb it through.

STEP FIVE: How to cut your own hair

How To Cut Your Own hair at Home and Save Money

With all the love you can muster, gradually work your way from the back section of your hair to the front on both sides. This is a great time to see if your hair is even across the back- get someone to help you if necessary or use a self-timed camera (alternatively).

After you have followed this step to the bottom part of your hair, and are really sure that every part is even, proceed to unclip the top section of your hair and let it down.

Note: You might have to again divide the top section in half (if your hair is very thick), allowing the bottom fall into the hair you’ve already cut.

STEP SIX: How to cut your own hair

I recommend repeating step 4 here, slowly working your way from the back to the front but with a difference! You will be matching the hair to the bottom layer that you’ve already cut.

You can either choose to do layers now or first cut, then add layers.

Do the back-to-front again, bottom-to-top technique, while repeatedly checking your hair from different angles, until its one length. Once you’re happy with the length and don’t want any part shorter.

But if you would love a single-length cut, you should skip to step 8….nut if you’d prefer layers then go to step 7.

STEP SEVEN: How to cut your own hair

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There are about a million ways to do layer (just kidding)-pretty sure you got the picture. You can do it throughout your hair, around your face, or piecemeal.

It doesn’t matter where you want the layers, the technique is all the same- select a vertical section of your hair (about 3cm high and half a centimetre).

The width is totally dependent on the thickness of your hair- choose a thinner part to see how your hair will fail.

Comb the hair from your head and hold it at a forty-five degree angle away from your hair in a neural position, with your holding it, with your fingers holding it at a right angle, and snip across.

If you would love a lot of layers, you can do this all over your head (the back included). If you want it just at the front or back, take that part only.

There are many styles that you can get with this style, so be creative and play around with it. You can repeat the layers wherever you want them to appear – if you want a softer look, hold your fingers closer to the horizontal, and if you want dramatic layers, you can hold your fingers closer to parallel,.

STEP EIGHT: How to cut your own hair

How To Cut Your Own hair at Home and Save Money

Now that you are done with your layers, comb out your hair to check that every part of your hair is the length you want. Look closely to see if it is symmetrical( unless you’ve chosen an asymmetrical cut).

You are done…. Congratulations!

Jump in the shower! It will help get little snips of hair off your skin and your head.

After you are done with the shower, come out, dry your hair normally or blow it out and check that everything looks the way you want it.

Watch how:



You just had your hair cut for the cost of a comb and shears (and each time you cut your man’s hair, your hair or your kid’s hair, you’re reducing the per-use cost of them).

If at the end, your hair doesn’t look the way you want-no need to be afraid, it will certainly grow back! If the cut isn’t what you wanted, you can go back and cut it again to improve it.

On the other hand, if you love your haircut, then make sure to trim it every month or two to keep it looking real nice. You can change it as often as you like when it becomes boring.

In the end, you will discover that cutting your own hair is a great skill to have, develop and master, and with enough practice, it will quickly extend to others( friends, dads, mum or neighbours) as no sane human wants to shell out a lot of cash for something so little.

Once you love cutting your own hair, you’ll save tons of dollars and pounds over time (even more if you have kids)!

Hope we answered your question on “How to cut your own hair”? , Have you cut your own hair before? Got any trick and tips?


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