How To Grow Edible Mushrooms Without A Kit

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A lot of people are of the belief that the only simple way to grow edible mushrooms for personal consumption or for profit is using edible mushroom growing kit, but this is not true. What you don’t know is that a kit provides a sterile subtract, usually with a log, and mushroom spawn. A lot of garden supply nurseries and stores can supply you mushroom spawn, and you can collect and sterilize your very own soil substrate. You might be wondering “how to grow edible mushrooms without a kit”, not to worry, this article is for you. We understand that growing mushrooms without a kit can be a little more time-consuming, but the end result is usually more satisfying.

Health benefit of growing edible mushroom and fact

  • They are very healthy and low in fact
  • Mushrooms contain vitamins and other nutrients
  • Mush contain antioxidant power that help purify your immune system
  • Mushroom grows from spores and not seeds
  • The spores don’t contains chlorophyll to begin sprouting (as seeds do), they rely on substance such as straw ,sawdust ,grain etc.
  • The spawn itself could grow mushroom, but you’ll get a lot of better quality mushrooms when the spawn is applied to a substance
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Business of growing mushrooms

Food source: not all varieties of mushrooms are edible. Nevertheless, most like crimini, Enoki, Maitake, Oyster, Shitake, Portabello, white button can be consumed and they are quite juicy too.

Medicine: since time past, the practice of using veggies like mushroom for medicine purposes like antioxidants has been integrated into our culture mushrooms help purify our body stem.

Types of mushroom to grow

There are about 500 plus varieties of mushroom one great advantage of growing your own mush instead of harvesting them from the wild is that you can be sure you’re not picking a poison infected mushroom.

There are seven types of mushroom that are mostly grown at home .These are Enoki, oyster, maitake, shiitake, white button, portobevo, and crimini


Each type of mush has specific growing need, that must be met if excellent result is needed for example oyster mushroom needs to be grown on straw,white button mushroom on composted manure, and shiitake on hard wood, sawdust or wood.

Steps To Growing Edible Mushroom

How To Grow Edible Mushrooms Without A KitStep 1:The first thing to do is to fill a large pot of water and bring it to boil over heat on your stove. After this, place the wheat straw into the pot and push it below the water using a large specula and spoon bring the water back to a boil, reduce the heat to medium and cover the pot.

Step 2: How  to grow edible mush without a kit ,now that we have done step one, lets continue you need to allow the straw to heat slowly for 15 to 20 minute while stirring occasionally prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pot and burning. Take out a few piece of straw and allow them to cool so you can check how soft they are. They should be fairly tender, not like well cooked noodles. If the straw is still hard, continue heating it slowly until it reaches the desired state

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Step 3: Gender place a bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with hole in it used for draining food in your sink and pour the straw and water into the colander to drain the straw. Allow the straw to cool down to room temperature. While the straw cools, roll out a 1 to 2 foot length of plastic wrap on your table

Step 4: Once the cool straw is at room temperature, spread on equal layer of straw. Next, sprinkle the mush spawn over the heated straw and press the entire thing together to form a tightly rolled log. Then wrap the plastic around the log

Step 5: Congratulate yourself if you’ve been following all how to grow edible mushroom without a kit step: Put the wrapped log of straw in a warm, dark place. Make three to five narrow cut across the top of the log. Avoid watering the log until you see a white substance form on the straw. As soon as this appears, water moderately on the rest of the days as needed to keep the stray moist (not to wet). Depending on the species you are growing, your mushroom should be ready for harvest in one or two months.


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