How To Make Money Being An Affiliate Marketer–Double Your Comissions

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Are you interested in learning how to make money being an affiliate marketer? Look no further as this article is for you Affiliate marketing is indeed one of the smartest ways to make money online because you don’t necessarily need to own your website, shipment or inventory, you don’t need to stress yourself as regards maintenance, customer problems, refunds, and product improvement etc. but still you make loads of cash through the sales of products.

Want to know the best part?

This online business requires little to no investment, simple and is easy to start. affiliate marketing business is a very profitable one.

The dream of every person into affiliate business is to increase affiliate commission by doubling or even tripling the normal income.

Is this possible?…. How true is that?…..What can I do to achieve this?

To sky rocket your affiliate commission under 24 hours, you need to read, follow and apply each of these ground breaking tips to your affiliate commission business:

  • Carry out research to discover the most profitable products you can promote

Not every product will pay you a high amount of commission. This is why proper research must be carried out whenever you feel like promoting a product.

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To decide the most profitable product for you there are certain things you must consider. These things are in the form of questions below–

  1. Does the product have a very high commission structure?
  2. Is it right for my audience?
  3. Can my visitors or blog reader’s trust?
  4. Is it targeted at solving people’s problem?
  5. Does the product associated with the affiliate network or merchant have a good reputation for tracking on-time payment and earnings?


To discover which one works best for you, you need to try to experiment with different affiliate programs and products.

There are several hundreds of affiliate programs that you can try; so keep on trying until you discover the one that pays you the highest commission. Once this is identified, you should stick with it.

Almost everyone is in search of the same thing you are looking for, so there is certainly good competition with other affiliate companies. In whatever you do, make sure that you are one step ahead of your competitors.

How can I get ahead of my competitors in affiliate marketing?

You can perform better and make more sales through writing SEO articles, some short and other long about the affiliate program you want to promote on your website or blog, create relevant backlinks that are of high quality so you can get to page 1 in search engines. To speed up the whole process, I advise that you create a short eBook to share freely with your blog readers. You can then insert affiliate links in the eBook to increase commission.

Don’t add too many links so that it doesn’t appear spammy. Instead, write good quality information in the eBook about the product you are currently promoting. Your blog or website readers or visitors will trust the information on such books when they discover that it is from you.

  • Build an email list
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how to make money being an affiliate marketer-Make money online

This is another step on how to make money being an affiliate marketer. You can easily begin the collection the email IDs of every person who downloads your free or paid eBook. There is a small chance that your first time visitors will purchase the product on their first visit. You can easily return to your blog by sending them regular promotional emails which reminds them about the product and its numerous benefits. To quicken their return, you can send them at least 10(ten) emails on different time intervals (a gap or time frame of 1 or 2 days between each email).

You can try a platform like Aweber to send the welcome and reminder emails. It’s one of the best performing auto responder I have ever used. Not convinced? You can try their 1 month trial offer. AWeber provides you with opportunity to make unlimited follow-ups & do many other things

It’s very important to get familiar with your readers through the collection of their contact information like email address and their name. After this, you can then send them over to the merchant’s site because you will not earn a dime just for sending them to the merchant’s site but your earning comes when they make a purchase.

When you succeed in getting their name or email addresses, you can then proceed to send them future emails even for several other affiliate products and you earn commission for each & every sale you make.

You must strengthen the relationship between you and your readers through building. Once you become a trusted person to them, they will trust your advice or recommendation and also share your tips or recommendations with others. Building your email list will greatly enhance your knowledge of how to make money being an affiliate marketer.

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Don’t settle for peanuts or normal commission structure displayed for all affiliates when you should be earning more. If you notice a very high rise in trend, as you make more successful sale of the affiliate product, do not hesitate to contact the affiliate manager & ask for higher commission structure without sounding greedy.

A good number of the merchants will be so glad to increase your commission as they know and understand that you are a valuable asset to them & as such cannot afford to lose you. You should be able to do this without over demanding a raise. But be in your lane-do not pass your boundary.

I trust that you understand how to make money being an affiliate marketer. If not I recommend you implement every last one of these quick fixes to boosting your affiliate commission to double under 24 hours.


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