How to Make Money Online Through Forum Posting (Nairaland,naijapals,

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Hello, you, yes, you! Welcome once again to my blog. Today this article will be focused on another great online money making ideas without any investment on your part. Now isn’t that great?

The purpose of today’s article is show you ways by which you can share your posts to hundreds and thousands of forum and still make money online while you are enjoying having fun. But first, we need to find out what forum posting is and why it made our list of great opportunities to make money online.

What are online forums?

A Forum can be defined as an online message board where visitors, users or people can leave messages, interact (ask questions, connect or…) and discuss with each other on a particular subject or a range of subjects. A lot of forums online usually require that a person sign up before he or she is allowed to do any form of postings online.

Examples of forums include:


Why are forums so important to earn money online without stress?

Like social bookmarking and social networking sites, forums have continued to record very high number of increase in traffic ever since its creation. Especially, it attracts high traffic niche online community like Nairaland. A quick interpretation of the term “High Traffic” in the internet marketing business world equals to “More Audience and more money”. Would you not lie to take advantage of this chance to make some money?

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On forums, you will discover new questions, news and answers as it provides a platform where people ask other people their problems to get the right kind of helpful solutions. Many a times, a lot of individuals discuss their doubts with industry experts who have proven themselves to be good leaders.

The primary reason why Nigerian forums have been so popular among several search engines is due to the fact that many of these forums provide its users with unique, qualitative and informative contents written by the users.

Each day you not only find something new but hundreds, thousands or millions of individuals reading your posts. It serves as a platform which helps you bring out the best in you through continuous writing.

Want to know the best part?

For as long as the forum stays up, people will keep reading your write-ups.

How to make money with Forum Posting?

How to Make Money Online Through Forum Posting (Nairaland,naijapals,

There exist several levels for different members in forum posting. There are also rules and regulations, terms and conditions that you must follow before your posting. Contributing positively on the forum on a regular basis will quickly grow your profile which in turn will help you develop more relations.

As you upload a profile picture, contribute meaningfully to every question you answer on a forum thread, your level and credibility will record an increase. This will become visible on each post. If your profile is super excellent, the readers will rely and consider you as an authority in that field i.e. you possess good knowledge on that particular topic.

  • Help yourself and others
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Remember, the primary purpose of online forums posting is meant to help people. When you help people sort out their problems, they will begin to trust you, believe in you, follow you and bond with you. With each increase in experience and time that you share with them, more the more they benefit. Helping people improve their business will grow yours in return.

  • Gain expert status

It might be painstaking to answer questions without getting anything in return at first but as far as you continue to do it genuinely, it would not take much time for them to accept you as an expert. When people look at you as an expert, they will not only want to know you, but to work and do business with you.

  • Get yourself to your websites

While you are actively participating in several forums you belong to, you can gain more visitors through your signatures on the site. You must be careful as not to abuse this; if you do, you may get banned from the forums. Remember, you will be well-rewarded helping people.

  • Get ideas for new products

The forums you belong to will help you get knowledge about products people try. By concentrating on F.A.Q (frequently asked questions) by users of the forum who search for solution on that very product, you help your knowledge box increase and can choose to monetise some of your best answers.

  • Work in joint venture

Forums offer you opportunities to locate and connect with people who have the same ideas as yours and would love to work with you. Trust me, it would be well worth your time in the end.

  • Solve your queries
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Whenever people get stuck with some query or problem, they know they can always count on discussion forums for help. Solving queries is another great way to show people about your depth in the subject.

  • Increase Network with like-minded people

Being a frequent participant in a forum related to your field of study or industry with your particular niche can feel like you are involved with a target mastermind community.

How cool is that?

There are days when you will feel like hell but with the right kind of support from your fellow members, you will get a huge mental boost to energize, motivate and propel you to make more money online.


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