Secret of How to Start a Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria

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Car interior design business is one out of thousands of professions that a lot of people in the country have shunned. Yet, it is a business that produces gold for smart investors who know how to go about making a business a successful one. Car design is also a highly profitable venture. Yet, many who live in Nigeria are fully convinced that the country is not a good place for them practice this business.

Guess what?

They are wrong! In fact the reverse is the case as Nigeria has proved itself in many ways that it remains one of the best places to do car interior design business. Although this design business can be quite demanding and challenging, there are great ways you can successfully operate it in the country without breaking the bank.


As a beginner who wants to venture into this line of business, there will be questions on your mind. Some of these questions might be or can include the below questions:

  1. How to be a car interior designer?
  2. How to start car interior design business in Nigeria?
  3. What course do I need to study to do car interior design business in Nigeria?
  4. Do I have the potential to go for the business?


It’s only natural you ask these questions so that you will prevent yourself from going into in a wrong profession and ending up ruining the whole business. We at Makemoney2000 as made it our priority today to unravel solutions to this question listed above or new ones that you might have on your mind.

The Car Business Benefits, Potentials, and Requirements

There are hundreds of advantages that come with the car interior design business. But first things first;

  • It is super important to possess sound knowledge of car systems and how to decorate their internal parts.
  • It is also necessary to learn and master graphics artistry, before giving this business a shot.


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The following are some of the benefits of learning graphic design:

  1. Ability to make your Imagination limitless: This business puts your career on a great path that will enhance your creative intelligence and help enlarge your abilities. You will be able to move your IMAGINATION TRAIN from one rail to another while allowed to turn your imaginations into realities.
  2. Offered the Opportunity to Work with Reputable Companies: After your training, you will have the ability to work with many reputable companies. This career opening path will fetch you honours and money.
  3. Opportunity to Network Other Designers: While still in training, you will have the chance to meet other car interior car designers who are more experienced than you do. Meeting them will give you the opportunity to learn from them directly through mentorship.
  4. It is Lucrative: It is a career that could make you more money beyond your imagination if properly done.
  5. Partnership with Government: If you run a interior car design business in Nigeria, you will have the chance to partner with government on big projects.

Places and Processes (Academic) For Learning Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria

You should know that not all universities, polytechnics and colleges in Nigeria teaches vehicle interior design, you can still study some related courses where you will be provided with some ‘tips’ about the profession.

Of course, before you begin this, you need to enroll in tertiary education first. If you want to study car interior design business in a Nigerian University, you need to write a couple of exams (professional).

Certifications Required

You need to possess at least an O’ Level certificate. This means getting Senior School Certificate Examination Certificate through NABTEB, West African Examination Council (WAEC) or National Examination Council (NECO).

The exam is a must if you wish to get formal education or training in Nigeria. After acquiring your O’ Level certificate, you need to sit and pass the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This will help to get you admitted to a higher(polytechnic or a university) institution.

Department & Course Duration

If you are finally given admission to study at a polytechnic or university in Nigeria, you must belong to the department of automobile engineering in the faculty of engineering. You must have chosen this department while filling your UTME form.

Please note that not all the schools in Nigeria offer this course to its students. So, before you proceed to fill your UTME form, endeavour to find out the schools that offer this course to their students. Only after doing this can you select an institution where this course is being offered.  You will spend at least 2 years in the Polytechnic or 5 years in a Nigerian university before you can be awarded either a diploma or a degree certificate in automobile engineering. So work hard and strive for excellence.

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It’s Beneficial To Study Abroad

How to Start Car Interior Design Business in Nigeria

Nevertheless, it is usually advisable to learn car interior design abroad. If you decide to study this as a course abroad, it is best to study in one of the few advanced countries where you will be able to get more exposure and relate to international students.

The main advantage of studying in this kind of environment is that you will compete with some of the best students from nations around the world and this will make you motivate and improve tremendously. Upon graduation, you can come back to Nigeria to start your business. There is a market for you. The business is still a green land to fetch more money.

Schools Offering the Course

I am pretty sure you would love to know some international schools that offer this course so that you can decide on one faster. Below is some Universities/Colleges Which Teach Automobile/Car Interior Design Abroad

  1. Columbus College of Art and Design, USA
  2. Edinburgh Napier University, UK
  3. International Career Institute, Australia
  4. Phoenix College, USA
  5. Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  6. University of Dundee, UK


Before you qualify for admission into any of these universities or colleges, you will write language proficiency test(s). This will certify that you can communicate effectively in the language of your study environment.

Capital/Fund Needed

This course is cost intensive especially when you decide to do your study abroad. You need a huge amount of money to accomplish your goal in this career. You will spend a lot of money while training in school because huge capital is also required. A minimal budget of at least N500, 000 and at most N10, 000 is required for a qualitative study in car interior design systems and automobile engineering.

Some Essential Car Interior Design Software Tools You Will Need

Sketchbook Pro:

This is an ideal car design software tool that gives you the platform to sketch like a pro. The name of this software tool for car interior design suggests what it can do. The software is very easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface, power illustration tools, and awesome features you’d enjoy.

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Some of the features that this software possesses include but not limited to flipbook animation, dynamic gradient fill and perspective guides. This software is made available for Mac OS X, iOS operating systems, Windows, and Android. This allows its users to access the software on all digital platforms.


One of the best software’s for graphics design and illustration. It is exceptionally good for your career. It can give you some basic design concepts that are professional to some extent. Below are some abilities that Photoshop provides you with can do the following in Photoshop:

  1. Basic Works/effects: This means you can do cropping, straightening, flipping as well as rotating functions/properties.
  2. Blemish Removal
  3. Slide control to enhance the colors of the image
  4. Auto-fix
  5. Image rendering
  6. RAW photo support
  7. Etc.



This is yet another software that you can use for car interior design. It is a tool produced by Autodesk that comes with full intuitive sketching, modeling, surfacing as well as visualization tools. Above the software’s crucial focus is surface modeling and creating Class A surface for Visual Prototyping of cars.

PTC Creo:

Another car interior design software tool is PTC Creo. It is a scalable software which is able to exchange information of computer system or programme CAD design software suite by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC).  The software is mostly compatible with Windows operating system. Additionally, it can be used for a free trial period which lasts about four weeks.

Sustainability/Success Tips

It is good to master these car interior design tools before you proceed to further your education in this field of career. Alternatively, while studying, set aside quality time to master these tools. They will greatly enhance your performance.

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