How to Start Freelance Writing and Make Money in Nigeria

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Article writers in Nigeria are high in demand especially now that new blogs and websites are created on a daily basis on the internet. When I began freelancing about a year ago, I started with my android phone and I made not less than NGN10, 000 despite being very lazy. I began freelancing on Naira land. Do you believe you can type words and get paid for it? I believe that many of us can type an epistle on whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks for the fun of it and yet, we still struggle to meet the ever growing desires of our financial needs. Truth is, If you are gifted with the ability to convince, project an idea or pull in crowd through writing and you are not putting it to good use ( making money from it), then something is totally wrong with you.

As mentioned earlier, my freelance business started on Nairaland and during this period, I charged N400-500 for 500 words article. Although there are lots of expert freelancers who change more because of their proven track record; I was a beginner during this period so I charged less; not too less though. If you can build your freelance business on the right foundation, you’ll be able to make more money as a freelance writer here in Nigeria than you ever dreamed of. In today’s article, I’m going to show you simple yet practical ways on how you can become a successful freelance writer.



Before you begin freelance writing, you should take your time to answer the above question. It wouldn’t do you or the client much good if you cannot write and you decided to start because you heard you can make money from it. That’s totally going to hurt you a lot more than you know (wasted time, wasted efforts and having to deal with an angry unsatisfied customer). In case you don’t know how to write, You have to practice; do not be shy.

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You should totally avoid the use of huge ambiguous words that will put your readers to always consult their dictionary when trying to understand your content. People are busier than they were in the past generation, the least way you can help them with their problem while still making money from it is if you convey your message in simple constructed sentences. I discovered that lots of upcoming writers usually have issues with their tenses. When I started, I faced the same problem especially with clients that demanded you write like a native English speaker. But like they say, practice makes perfect.

If you can’t write, don’t be discouraged. You can still make money as a freelance writer provided you’re determined to write. I don’t consider myself a born writer, what you see on this blog is as a result of years of constant writing. The more you write, the better you become. It’s not magic.

It gets better:

Once you’re good with words, your clients will never let you go. They will keep bringing more jobs because good writers are scarce. There are lots of writers, but there are few good writers. If you know that you’re an exceptional writer, contact me, I might have a job for you.


I see a lot of people especially young undergraduates who want to make money wait till they own a laptop before they decide to learn how to start freelance writing.  Having one is an advantage; that should not be the end. When I started article writing jobs, I was using WPS office on my Tecno LG L Bello. OH yes! I was using a mobile device to make money while lots of individual have tablets and laptops and yet, haven’t made a dime through these gadgets. My first Income online came through writing and its fun, getting paid for doing what you love.

If you own a smartphone, then you can make money as a freelance writer in Nigeria. Most mobile phones usually come with WPS office. Check your mobile device; I’m sure it’s pre-installed. If it’s not, then head over to Google Play Store or Apple Store to download yours today.

It will also be an added advantage to have a dictionary and thesaurus app because they will help you with semantic meanings of words.

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Now that you are ready to begin. You can find clients anywhere on the web. You can find them on Facebook, twitter, Nairaland forum. You can also sign up on fiverr, freelancer etc.

In my first year, my main outsourcing platform was Nairaland. I was and still a regular visitor of the webmaster and literature section. That’s where I get most of my clients.

To make this huge, you can create a  a blog (free hosted blog or paid self-hosted WordPress blog). This is where you showcase your portfolio (records of past writings you have done for other blogs or websites). There is no limit to the amount of links or samples you put up to show off your writing skills, to help convince potential clients that you’re up to the job. The more effort you put into making yourself stand out, the more clients you’ll be able to attract. I tried this and the demand for my services skyrocket!


how to start freelance writing in Nigeria

How do I get paid?

It’s easy; you simply negotiate with your client on the mode of payment and the amount you will charge per word. A charge on a specific word can range from N00.70 to N01.00. It all boils down to your preference.

How many articles can I write a day?

This solely rests on your abilities. During my time, I was able to write two articles daily because of school and other responsibilities. If chanced, you can write more. The harder and smarter you work, the more your pay increase. An average freelance writer in Nigeria can write about 5 articles a day. It’s all about time and determination.

Can I partner with someone?

Yes you can. If you found out that the order is more than you can handle, go online to source for a good writer, be convinced that the individual is really good by requesting for a sample. The worst mistake you can make in this kind of business is to employ a horrible writer.

Should I receive payment after or before service?

If it’s a contract work, like an order to write about 20 articles a week, you can request your client to pay advance. However, if he can be trusted, then do the work and expect payment after service.


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how to start freelance writing in Nigeria

  1. Visit websites and blogs that deal hugely on quality contents, click on their contact page and apply to work with them as a freelance writer through their mail address or telephone. Include links of your previous works to increase your chances of getting the job. If they need a content writer and your portfolio is impressive, they will definitely hire you a.s.a.p. because good writers are rare but highly in demand.
  2. Leverage your Facebook account. Having thousands of friends isn’t for fancy, brag rights or likes. It’s for business. Update your bio. Make updates about your skills as a freelance writer. You never can tell who will message you for a job.
  3. Sign up on popular freelance websites like fiverr and These are places where writers hang out, looking for clients.
  4. Take advantage of popular Nigerian forums like Nairaland, Naijawarriors etc. Your forum signature can do wonders if well utilized. Open threads on such forums and advertise yourself. Keep updating the threads until you get a client. Nothing good comes easy.


AD: If you’re a writer who’s looking for clients, don’t hesitate to contact me. I just might have a job for you provided your sample is impressive. If you’re looking for a writer, hit me up also. Let me use this opportunity to link writers and clients up. If I get lots of request from both writers and potential clients, then you’ll start making money as a freelance writer in Nigeria in no time.


You don’t need any finance to become a freelance writer in Nigeria. All you need is your skill, phone/computer and time. Go ahead and make money as an article writer. It’s simple, experience worthy and fun. One you begin as a freelance writer and start making money, other sources to earn money online becomes known. Apart from the money you’ll derive writing; you end up improving greatly on your skills. This is the key on how to start freelance writing in Nigeria; Enjoy!




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