How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

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How to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria (online and offline) isn’t technical like most people believe. GSM Recharge Card Printing popularly referred to as Voucher Business is among the top 10 lucrative businesses that have made for its owners millions and billions of naira. You can start this business anywhere in Nigeria as long as there are people living around your area (location) who rely on their mobile phone gadgets for communication. You can choose to start this business with thousands or millions without any sort of technical skills. We believe in starting small and ending big. It’s easy to start and manage.

Since the introduction of mobile phones in Nigeria, recharge card business have boomed and its target market keep getting bigger by the minute. More than one hundred million Nigerians own a gadget or mobile phone, and they keep recharging to be able to make calls and stay connected on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. Another huge percentage of this population spend more than N4000 on data subscription and other services per month; and more people are joining the wagon. You see, millions of Nigerians own a device, but only few people supply this voucher card. How to start a recharge card printing business in Nigeria isn’t magic or rocket science. That is why you need to solve peoples recharge problem and make money in the process.

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Here’s the bitter truth, Recharge card/voucher printing business won’t make you a dime if you begin with figures such as N10,000. This is contrary to popular belief. Thanks to internet marketers who sell you e-book explaining how you can make millions selling recharge card with a startup cost of NGN10K-15K. This self-acclaimed INTERNET MARKETERS have made many people believe such a lame assertion all in a bid to sell their book. The gain in a N100 recharge card is N5. When that is multiplied by 10 you gain about N500 with 10K. That’s, N5 x N100 = N500. I believe you do not plan to start this business just to make peanut (a few naira notes). If so, you’re better off working as an employee.

To really start enjoying the potential benefits of this business it is required you have at least, a capital of N100,000 to N300,000 if you must make reasonable profit and become financially free.

How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria


The printing of cards isn’t technical at all. In fact, it is as easy as installing recharging card printing software on your computer system; that is it, you’re good to go. When you make an order from a card dealer, the PIN he/she will sell to you will be encrypted and sent to your email address.

It gets interesting:

Do you know that the software will make the recharge card PINS and SERIAL number visible (known to you). If by chance you’re stuck while following this tutorial, stay calm and don’t worry. Leave a comment in the comment box and we will respond as fast as we can.

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You can register to become a dealer either by name or any other means of identification.

The best part? It’s totally free. The dealers are the people who you’ll buy PINS from and then later print the recharge card on your own. The printing company can serve as an agent that clears you up when you’re stranded at any point in time.


This is the primary tool that will aid you in the printing of your recharge cards with or without any Internet connection (modem, Ethernet, hotspot etc.). If perhaps you’re not so good with technology, then you have to ask for a device called OREANGE BOX from your dealer.


It refers to an Electronic mail. This is used to receive the encrypted pin from your dealer.


I’m sure you already know what this is for. You can opt for either coloured printer or black and white printer. This will be used mainly to print out the recharge cards on paper.


You can settle for the customized papers upon request from your dealer. This Pre-printed paper will then have to be reprinted by you. If possible, you can go for a plain paper. The most important thing is having a clear print so your customers can access the pin without much hassle.

If you do this well, you’ll be making over N200,000 or above within a month.


How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

There are three primary levels of recharge card business, and the level you belong to is determined by the amount you’re willing to invest into the business. Whichever level you’re into, the amount of profit equals the gain (directly proportional to your investment). The bigger the amount invested, the bigger the stream of income.

  1. RECHARGE CARD RETAILERS– These are individuals who invest between N10,000-NGN50000 into the business. They buy from wholesalers at a cheaper rate and then sell to the final consumer at the ‘paper price’(The amount on the surface of the card). The gain realized is very little and its best if complimented with other businesses (taken as a side hustle).
  2. RECHARGE CARD WHOLESALERS– This people buy directly from the dealers and sell to the retailers at a lesser price. They make betweenN7,000 to N10,000 approximate gains daily.
  3. DEALERS– These are the rich business persons who start the business with over N10 million. They buy directly from mobile operators and sell to wholesalers at a lower cost.
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Recharge card printing business is a profitable business that has been and will continue to exist till date. With a good amount of cash, you’ll be able to make a residual income for yourself and your family. The market is growing and the level at which Nigerians use vouchers is highly increasing. You (businessman) need to fill the space and make some extra money in return.

Here is a video from youtube that further explains this business:

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