Little known 21 Online Business Ideas To Start In 2018

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People often think that opening a new business online requires a four white wall, a commercial shop-space and a couple of products in boxes. However starting a business opportunity doesn’t have to always be this way. Today, with advancement in technology, you can start and run successful online business ideas as a beginner with little to no money.

Online business opportunities give you the priviledge to work from home or from anywhere. Because the business is based online, as a result, you are able to reach out to more potential customers and make money online without much expertise. The skills required to launch a business online include: communication skills, basic web design knowledge and website maintenance.

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Nothing good comes easy but by focusing your strength and resources, you’ll be able to build an impressive client list and launch your online business.You might alos need to experiment with these ideas for a while before fully going in because not every of these online money making ideas will actually work for you. Here are 21 online business ideas you can start now:

Online Business Ideas To Try Out Asap

1. SEO Consultant

Do you know basic SEO settings? do you have a full knowledge of search engine like Google and bing? think you got skills in google adwords and analytics. Many small and new companies do not realize how much of an impact the right or wrong search engine optimization(SEO) settings can have on their business. This is where you come in, you should educate these small business owners on the power of SEO to help transform their websites into a more SEO-friendly property. Showcase your expertise in this field by showing business owners how to read, interpret and use google analytics data correctly, and how to properly use keywords and well structured content to get great traffic.

2. Become An Affiliate

One of the best online business to start with no money is affiliate marketing. An affiliate in simple terms, is a person who receives a commission for selling products for other companies, whether it’s on their own website or through other channels like blogs and eBay etc. The best part about this type of online business idea is that you don’t have to develop any of these products yourself, just sell products made by other people.

For example, as an Amazon affiliate, you possess the potential to rake in large amounts of commission dollars if you work smart enough. If you are new to Amazon affilaites, simply head over to their site and sign up as an affiliate to sella comapny’s services or products using referral link, and you get a commission for each product sold without lifting a finger. The rate of commission you get varies from stages according to how many products sales your clicks generates. The top commission tier is 8 percent. Now, thats some serious amount of cash each month in your pocket if you’re promoting products with such an high rate of commission( Home and Garden are one of the many products with high commossion).

Other affiliate network like Clickbank and Shareasale offer a vast array of products you can promote as well. Some of the highest contented niches on these sites are gamblong and health. With enough traffic to convert visitors into buyers, you can earn millions as a blogger. Being an online affiliate can bea cool idea to create a passive income for your family and yourself.

If all this sounds too confusing, then I recommend you take advantage of some great training on how to setup a money making online affiliate business.

3. Business Coaching

Most persons especially younger generations wants to start a business. Possessing a great body of business knowledge and experience can allow you create a business that helps aspiring entrepreneurs find success. You can employ your skills by helping both small and big business owners get off to a good start and help experienced entrepreneurs keep up with market demand. You can also write articles focused on business on social media profession sites like Linkedin and facebook to showoff your skills and knowledge as a bussiness coach. This can help fetch you new clients.

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4. Sell Your Own Brand

If you have a flare for creating unique images, there’s no need to worry about ever running out of stock. If your creations can be easily printed unto an item, then you can make even more money. You can upload your designs on a variety of websites like Cafepie. If someone comes accross your product and likes it, the company prints them up and ships the product to target countries. Put your creative mind to work and you will never run out of ideas to create unique designs for books, bags, hats, posters, T-shirts or greeting cards and get a cut for each one sold. Other sites that allows these include Teespring, Lulu and zazzle.

5. Social Media Consultant

Small business owners unlike large companies cannot hire a full-time staff member or agency to run their social media accounts(Facebook and Twitter accounts). So they have to handle their social media marketing personally, but they are either uneducated on the importance of social media to a business, too busy to spend time creating and developing social media strategy.

As a social consultant, you can help them decide the best tactics, content creation for their target audience( a particular or all age groups) and posting schedules. As their followers number increase, so will your work and business.

6. Build Apps

The rise of smartphones have increased the demand for new creative apps for increase productivity, games, business, social networking and many more. The two most popular app market used everyday by billions of people are Apple market place and Google Android market. The apps uploaded on these markets are usually categorised as free or paid.

You can make moeny by developing and selling smartphones app and even include your adsense or admob code into your apps for bigger increased earnings. This business is a very lucrative way to earn online money. These apps cost less to develop and don’t involve any storage or shipping costs, this helps you save less. Although, you might need to take online course or pay an app developer to teach you.

Alternatively, you can purchase a step-by-step app creation tutorial for us. Click here to get it

A well coded app with an easy UI can pull in thousands in ad revenue per month for it’s creator. This ability puts this on #6 on our Top 21 online business ideas that make money in 2018.

7. E-commerce Shop

There is always a demand for everything no matter how ridiculous such an item may look. With a targeted e-commerce store, you can meet the demands of those customers seeking your products. To get started you will need to purchase a web-hosting service with an integrated shopping cart feature or with e-commerce software and a domain name. After this, your business becomes live and running(fully operational). You can even work with third party bodies to ship products to meet customer demands, on your behalf, which means you don’t necessarily have to own a lot of inventory.

8. Buying and Selling Domains

A lot of people purchase and sell domain namesto earn money online since it requires very little investment and takes little time. You can buy a domain at its registration price through the use of coupons or even much cheaper from a third person and then resell for a profit.


Before you buy domains on websites like or, or other domain auction web sites, it is always profitable to carry out research on the targeted domain. This helps to know if the domain has been banned by search engines or not, it’s page authority and domain authority, it’s number of backlinks, if it’s acceptable to display ad from ad networks and lastly, to have an idea of what popular domain names are being searched by people.

An ideal way to find some really good domain names is to check out lists that contain many good names that are expired and have made their way back into the pool for people to purchase. A good popular site for this is where you can input your desired keyword that you would love to include in your domain name and a long list( say between 25-100) of domain options will appear. You can tweak the search options by number of backlinks, DA (domain authority), PA(page authority), Moz rank and score.

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9. Web Design

There’s nothing more eye-burning than having to seea poorly designed website, and which too often, kills credibility. Depending on your knowledge of HTML and creative design, you can start a service from home to create attractive and good user interface website for small business. It is time to put your web skills to good use for business owners who want to take their business to the next level. Build a convincing and eye-catching portfolio and then create your own websiteto show off and attract a regular flux of clients.

10. Stock and Forex Trading

best online business to startThis is no business for the weak hearted. Infact not only is the stock and forex trading volatile, it is risky. I’d recommend you start small, keep researching until you feel confidence enough to give this a trial to help your experience.

Once you get the whole do’s and don’t of it you can be sure to earn a profitable sizable money from the exchange of foreign stocks and currencies. The ultimate goal of any successful trader is to recognize which currencies and stocks are most and more likely to increase or decrease in terms of value. The more mistakes you make while learning these strategies and principles, the more money you will eventually earn.

Are you ready to take a bold step? head over to Etoro and sign up to this free social trading revolution. It allows you to connect with otehr traders, and discuss trading strategies.

Want to know the best part?

Etoro technology helps you copy automatically these traders trading portfolio. The site is just too resourceful. Indeed this business is one of the best online business ideas with an opportunity to make you millions.

11. Cover/Resumee Letter Writing

To get a job in the job market gets thougher by the minute, but a short, concise, well written resume and cover leter will not only make you stand out among the crowd but also make a lot of difference when you’re appling for a job.

Anyone can list career, it is an easy thing but the fine art of “humble bragging” is what many job seekers do not understand. This is where you come in, to run a successful online buisiness that invlves resume or cover letter writing, you have to be happy helping others get hired with the help of exceptional resume. Take advantage of the increasinly social media branding bandwagon by offering to fix social media profiles like Linkedin and Facebook.

12. Create WordPress Themes

The increase in the craze for establishment of peoples presence online for personal or commercial reason(s), have led the demand of website templates and wordpress themes to continue rising. Do you have an heart and required skills for web design and html coding? if so, you can make cool money from creating custom themes and templates for companies or people. And also, from creating beautiful and process to sell them on online marketplaces such as Templatemonster and themeforest to generate a nice stream of steady passive for yourself.

13. Task Manager/ Assistant

Are you mad about organizing things? Are you good at cleaning? can you speedily and efficiently carry out these tasks? ti’s time to put your skills to good use by becoming an online personal assistant or task manager. A few good companies like Zirtual allow you signup for specific tasks you want to complete- including virtual assistant, data reasearch or running errands- and begin building a group of clients.

14. Work With Advertisers

If you’re a blog or website owner, you can sell a portion of your site’s space to advertisers like companies, business or ad networks( google,bing, etc) and earn money online passively each time the ads are clicked on by your site’s visitors or target audience. While the actual placing of the advertisement is usually free, the earning capacity of cost-per-click(CPC) advertising is based on the level of traffic to your siteand the actual cost per click and click-through-rate (CTR). Today, the most popular CPC network to earn money is through Google adsense. Other ways of effective online advertising include direct banners and Rss feeds.

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15. Bridal Planning/ Wedding Planning

Love is a beautiful thing, a powerful force that stengthens and bounds hearts together. It gives butterflies feelings and set smiles to the saddiest of faces. It is no wonder the wedding industry is booming today. The pressure and stress that events bride-to-be experiences during their engagement makes it nearly impossible for them to enjoy their wedding planning. This is where you come in, you can start your own successful online bsuiness as a wedding planner, dealing with the essential and most vital part of the wedding details so the bride-to-be doesn’t worry.

16. Get Paid To Write

If starting and managing a blog seems a bit too much but you still desire to put your writing passion to work, you can write for other blogs, sites, media like Textbroker, Punchnews or Payperpost. Also, writing an e-book with an interesting topic, particularly one that solves people’s problem may also be an option for you.

Want to know the best part?

Unlike hardcover books, e-books do not carry printing or shipping fees, this not only makes them a whole lot cheaper but also a viable investment. If your language skills is strong enough, you could potentially become a copy editor that web owners will be willing to pay to read, edit and correct any overlooked grammatical errors concerning web copy.

17. Expert Freelancing

Freelancing online is one of the best online business ideas that when successful at will pull in a big amount of money. Freelance in its early years was not taken as a serious business until companies and people began turning to part time contract writers to fill their skill gaps.

Freelancing is one of the best online business to start with no money as it requires zero investment. You can make more money offering services in a variety of fields to companies. It also gives you flexibility and a refreshing peace of mind.

18. Photo Selling

Do you love taking pictures and possess a general passion for photography? If yes, you could make cool money for yourself and your family by selling your photos. There are thousands of people willing to pay you good money for your unique collection of images that you offer. Today, with the growth in technology, you can easily submit your pics to the masses, which can provide you with a very convenient approach to creating a solid source of extra income. Several photo sites like shuttershock and Fotolia offer good means for individuals to earn passive money from photos they shoot in their spare time.

19. Distant Technical Assistant

Thousands of small business owners do not include in their budget, a full-time IT employee, so when their systems become defective. they frequently call on a family member or computer-savvy friend. If you possess experience working on computer and networks, you can eradicate their need to call in a favour and offer immediate remote technical support.

20. Blogging

If you have a passion for writing and have ideas and words screaming within you, you can type your way to riches by creating your own blog. It requires little computer or technical skills to launch. However, you must have good knowledge about the subject you are writing on over time, you’ll start to grow your audience since people will begin to see you as an expert possessing a great deal of knowledge. The larger your audience, the higher your chances of creating a successful business out of it.

21. Handmade Craft Seller

Etsy and Artfire are online platforms that makes it super easy for crafters, who can make a steady supply of quality and affordable handmade items, like uniquely planted glassware or crocheted blankets make additional money. Startup costs for this online business ideas are extremely low if materials are purchased in bulk from a craft supplier, and if you can meet orders quickly, you’ll be making cool profit in no time at all. You can turn your craft selling business into a full time business if you are very serious about it.


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