How To Make Money From Youtube Monetization Program

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I am pretty sure that you must have heard in a way of the stories about people making money from YouTube. Brace yourself! This is not a lie or a rumour. In fact I know quite a good number of young energetic Vloggers (video bloggers) who are already making money with YouTube monetization program.

Disclaimer: YouTube Partnership program is not for every person. You must possess good talent before you can begin making money with it.  It is no wonder that only about 30% of people actually become really successful in making cash from YouTube.

So have it at the back of your mind that YT will not provide you easy money here. But if you love video editing and have crazy passion for editing videos then you need to continue reading this article till the end.


What is YouTube Partner Program?

YouTube partner program is a program that offers you a way to make money with youtube ads as you upload your videos, it is that simple.

YT is owned by Google; the ad program provides you with the opportunity of making some good cash when you upload your videos on YouTube. The videos you choose might be created for the eyes of your family and yourself but can reach a wider audience when uploaded on youtube; making you some extra cash in the process.

The hardest part of running a youtube channel is getting viewers for your videos. Once you now control a good amount of audience then you can begin making money. Additionally, Google also gives you the option to monetize your videos on varieties of non-YouTube video networks too.

How Your Casual Videos Can Earn You Money

If lately you have been creating and uploading videos on YouTube, then you should have no problem in making money with your uploaded videos.

You are in luck if your videos are fun, informative and super useful for your audience then you have an increased chance of making money with it.

How to Join the Youtube Monetization Program

Joining youtube ads program is pretty easy. To become part of the family, simply head over to your YouTube account setting and click on the Monetization Tab. Select “Enable My Account” and follow the steps one after the other to join the program.

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If you meet all the criteria highlighted by the video platform, congratulations! Now follow the below steps to continue the process:

  • Enable and Disable ads on Your Videos:As you begin the process of uploading your video, navigate to the Monetization tab and click on “Monetize my Video” check box. You have to select the ad formats which will maximize your earnings. After you have selected them, proceed to click save.


Wait a while for YT team to review your video. If successful, ads would start showing on your videos.

After you are done uploading the video, click the Edit button and locate “$” button next to your video. Again click on the Monetize my video check box and select the ad format and voila! Your ads will begin displaying.

  • Familiarizing with Monetization Icon Next to Your Video: You should begin to familiarizing yourself with the different parts of youtube especially parts involving different kinds of monetization icon. There are about five different buttons and you need to be able to know and identify every one of them.


  • If Monetization is Disabled for Your Channel then What Next? :If unfortunately, the monetization button is disabled for your account; you can as ell kiss your dreams of making money off your channel goodbye. The reason for a ban usually consists of things like copyright issues, account status and AdSense status.


How to Professionally Create Videos?

The Best Way To Make Money from youtube monetization program

To create professional looking videos, you will need to have certain tools at your disposal.

  • The first thing you need to get is a high quality camera. Go for a camera with at least 1080 pixels. It would deliver high quality videos that majority of your audience would totally fall in love with.
  • Now that you have a good camera, the next thing is to focus on the sound quality. I recommend you to use external microphones because they capture good sound a whole lot better rather than using internal microphones.
  • You need to get a stand to stabilize your camera so it doesn’t shake and distract your readers. Your videos would look totally amateurish and eye-paining if it begins to shake; imagine having to follow a video from left to right while trying not to get lost. You could totally use a tripod to steady the cam.
  • Be creative and try out better shooting techniques for every video you make.
  • This perhaps can make or mar your videos tool. Software’s that are of high quality software will give to you full control over your videos. You can also add special effects to your videos to make them more professional.
  • Adding logos, animated titles for beautification and other special effects will make your videos standout.
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Can You Earn Money from Copied Videos?

No, you cannot; that is laziness and youtube monetization program doesn’t allow that. Whatever content you create must be original and there is a zero chance of making money with copied videos.

I know you might come across a lot of channels on YouTube that upload videos containing contents of other media groups. For instance, some people upload videos of content from many news channels such as ESPN, ABC, Fox News and MSNBC etc. The videos are copyright violation- you cannot make money off them and there is every chance of your monetization getting disabled.

Do not expect to make money off uploaded songs or movie clips which you do not own. You can only earn cool cash if videos are original and created by you.

How Google Pays You: Clicks or Visits?

You can make money through youtube monetization program in following ways

  1. Ads served through the Adsense Auction
  2. Ads sold on a reservation basis via DoubleClick and other YouTube Sources
  3. Transactions made on YouTube Rentals

The number of views you get on your videos will determine the amount of money you earn.

Most times, they can pay you as low as 1 cent or less for a single view. So if your videos are getting a million views then you could make $3000 to $4000.


Well as mentioned previously, that you get paid 1/3 cent to 1 cent per view. If you get 2000,000 views X .0033 = $6600 for a single clip.

So creating more high quality videos that will get a lot of views can fetch you $23,000 every month. However, you have to be very popular and create some awesome videos.

Tips to Maximize Your Earnings in Youtube Monetization Program

Here are some pro tips that will help you maximize your YouTube Earnings from $0 to $450000 in a month.


Use the best editing software and recording cameras you can get your hands on. Make sure that you never for once compromise this. A comprise in this will negatively affect your videos and of course your earnings.

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To get massive views in hours, make sure that your video is inspired by things that are currently happening around and your audience can easily relate with.


Add bits of humour here and there all through the video. Do not just make dull and boring speech that gets you nothing. You need to get inspired from some of the famous sitcoms; watch and learn.


Be sure to create a catchy title which and write solid SEO related description that easily explains what your video is all about.


Ensure that you add video annotations and responses, so that a lot of your readers can respond to it and this will get them engaged in a conversation with you.


Treat your visitors like friends. One of the best ways of doing this is to create follow up videos answering questions that they asked you in the comment section.


Experience they say is the best teacher. Be sure to experiment with various ad formats.


You can target “going viral” by creating controversial videos as early as possible. If video goes viral then you get more views meaning more money.

Some of the Successful YouTube Channels

The Best Way To Make Money from youtube monetization program

To get you inspired, you can take a look at some of the world’s most successful YouTube channels. The creators of these channels have a long list of videos that are not only original but great too. Each of these channels currently control over a million subscribers. This rakes in millions of dollars through youtube monetization program  for them on a yearly basis.

  1. Smosh – They began back in ’06 and now have over 13 million subscribers.
  2. Ray William Johnson – created his channel back in 2007. It currently has more than 11 million subscribers.
  3. PewDiePie – Started a bit late (2010) but has a reader base of over 6 million subscribers.
  4. Fred – began his channel in year ’09. The channel has over 2 to 3 million subscribers.

There is still room for more millionaires to make money via youtube monetization program .



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