4 Ways to Create a Second Source of Income Online

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It is no news that one of the best ways to generate a second source of income is through Yard sales. It is one popular way by which you can easily sell all of your old belongings or properties that you no longer use or that you wish to trade for cash. Before now, selling anything used to feel like hell but thanks to the creation of several online platforms, you can now sell things online work from home and make some quick cash in the process.

Today’s list will comprise of a few methods that I have tried personally and can deem it fit to share it with you all so we can get rid of old stuffs and still make some quick money. I’ve been selling bits of my old stuff online for about a year now, and all I ever need to begin was a fast and reliable internet connection to keep an eye on the customers. I recommend that you try Mediacom internet service as it is one of the most reliable and high-speed internets but if you can’t afford it or they don’t sell close to you-get something of similar speed.

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Now, that is settled. Are you ready to create your second source of income?  . Let’s go!!!

I’d like to discuss some of the ways to earn quick money by just selling your old stuff.

  • Use Social Media:


If you are the shy type or doesn’t like to negotiate prices with strangers? You need not worry about that as social media makes selling a whole lot easier. In fact it got you covered. You can now join communities and groups on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to sell your old items.

All that you need to do to begin is to post a picture of your goods and services online via social platforms with a clear description of item and price on your wall or in communities or groups you joined. Make sure that the pictures are attractive enough to grab the attention your friends and families to get them to actually purchase these items from you. It is time effective and would save you from going through the headache of price negotiation strangers and product delivery mess.

  • eBay:

eBay is one of the top dogs when it comes to the field of selling things online. The platform is just irresistible when it comes to selling any stuff online. Every person who likes ecommerce understands this company offers one efficient effective way to sell your stuff without stress.

With eBay, creating a second source of income is as simple as ABC. The best part about selling on eBay is that the process is really simple and pretty fast. You just need to: create an account, list your items Upload a clear picture that is attractive, and you’re good to go.

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It gets even better if you’re selling high-end services and products and products of high-involvement because of its huge customer market. eBay charges a fee of about $0.30 per listing and it also charges 10% of the sale price on an item.


This is perhaps the oldest online marketplace. I refer to it as the granny of online selling. It is another amazing option to consider if you plan to make money online. if you got clutters of things lying around or  planning on bargaining any stuff that might be of use to someone else, then there’s Craigslist for you.

It provides its users with a free platform to sell their stuff. All you need to do to get most out of it is: You must verify the essential things to show that you are legitimate, post a clear picture of your item, it’s always better to set a deadline so that potential buyers would opt to negotiate early (thus closing the sale on time), be honest (no sweet talks) about a product you intend to sell, lot your items together to get rid of them quickly.


4 Ways to Create a second source of income online

Amazon is a giant when it comes to buying anything. Additionally, it provides you with opportunities to sell anything you can ever think of. Have you ever heard of Amazon’s fulfillment program? The program gives sellers the opportunity to put up their used items or goods and services right next to new versions of the same products. So if the buyers are interested in saving a few bucks then they would definitely opt for your used stuff (it’s a win-win situation). Either way it goes, you make a sale.

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Now that is cleared. What are you waiting for? Start your journey to getting started on a second source of income today.


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