The Secret of How to Start a Blog and Make Money: Build a Blog You Can be Proud of

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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money

Blogging is a business that has come to stay and more people will start their own blog and keep on searching for ways to monetize it. I have met quite a good number of bloggers in Nigeria who are already making 5 to 6 figure income monthly. Learning How to Start a Blog and Make Money has been made a whole lot easier in today’s comprehensive guide.

In today’s article, I will be sharing how to make money blogging in Nigeria. There are many bloggers who started the blogging revolution in Nigeria. My main focus will be on the best ways to start, run, and make money while successfully curating contents that your audience will love.

A blog is actually a platform where people share their views, interest or passion on subjects they like and as a result, build a business around it. Your main focus when starting a blog should not be on money making but rather on helping people solve their problems.

Why Should I start a blog?

Your reasons for starting a blog could be among the following:

  • The easiest and fastest way to share your passion and expertise, thus building your reputation.
  • Setup is quite simple.
  • Capital to starting is little when compared to other online jobs.

Thinking of how to how to start a blog business? Here is how you can start, run and operate your blog as a hobby and still make money from it.

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

Preparation stage

In starting a blogging business in Nigeria, here are some of the preparation steps you need to put in place.

  1. Target audience

Your target audience is very important. Why? Because it helps you have a focus on a specific number of people who will love your contents; not everyone will like the same thing. So if your blog will be on dogs and pet; your audience will be animal lovers. Here are some quick question to help you identify your target audience:

Who are you going to target?

Is your blog going to target men or women, young or old?

Will your audience be local or global?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself.

Targeting global audience

If you plan to target international audiences, the following should be taken into serious consideration.

  1. You must be ready to make a positive long lasting first impression by providing contents that will make them comeback looking for more.
  2. You must be ready to provide fresh unique content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and avoid using generic content unless you want to make reference.
  3. Must provide content that will be a grammatically error and typo free.
  4. Always have something new that will excite your new and returning visitors.
  5. Target a niche that is high in demand with very low competition.


Targeting Local audience

The same steps highlighted in “targeting global audience” are applied here too.

  1. Find a niche

After step 1, the next step is to go on to find a good niche about subject of interest that would greatly help countless Nigerians solve their issues.

It’s easy to spot some of the most demanded niche in Nigeria and these include: dating, Latest Naija movies, import and export business, internet business, make money online, celebrity gossip and job search. To better understand, do a keyword research.

How to do keyword research

First before deciding to go for any of the niches listed above, conduct a keyword research. Compile a list of keywords with potentials that interest you.

For instance, job search, writing business plan, job interview tips, how to start poultry farming in Nigeria, resume writing tips etc. then do a keyword research to know what people are looking for. The following websites/forums can help you with ideas on your niche.


This is no doubt one of the most popular and largest forums in Nigeria. You can begin your research by looking at the trending (perhaps the trendiest) section of the forum. Look for a related topic and see how many people have viewed the topic. There are other categories too where you can visit and search the various threads.

  • Google trend

Google trend provides you with trending topics according to your selected geographical area or country by dates, day, month or years. You will clearly learn a lot about your niche and discover if it is the right time to launch a blog targeting the niche.

  • Using Google keyword research tool

This excellent tool tells you the number of search on a keyword both locally and globally.

And this is important because the best form of traffic is been generated through the search engines. Getting the required keyword sends organic traffic from the search engines.

Action stage

We are now in another stage. A period where you will learn comprehensively how to start a blog and make money

Start your blog

You can start your blog on two popular platforms: WordPress (self-host) and blogger; Today’s guide will be on how to start a blog on blogger and WordPress:

How to Start a Blog for Free   [6 Simple Steps for Beginners]

Starting a blog is one of the BEST gifts you can give to yourself at any day or month of the year.

A blog not only provides you a platform to express yourself, share your expertise, and make fans and followers but also helps you earn a decent income through blogging.

If you’re new to blogging and are wondering how to start a blog for free, in this article, I’ll show you how to create a free blog on (Google’s very own free blogging platform).

Let’s begin with the basic introduction to

An Introduction to

how to start a blog and make money is platform that belongs to Google. It’s a free blogging platform or site where you can create a free blog with the subdomain (for example, or with a domain you buy (recommended) to have your perfect website/blog (for example,

Advantages of starting a blog on

  • Starting a blog on is free and simple to design.
  • The platform is owned by Google, so you have security, trust, free assistance on their forum, and credibility.
  • Though there are a lot of free blogging platforms like Tumblr,, Weebly, is the winner of them all when it comes to giving you freedom and the features you so desire in a blog for free.
  • You can monetize your blog with Google AdSense and other programs like sponsored postings, affiliate marketing easily when compared to other platforms.

Now let’s see how you can start your own blog on BlogSpot with our practical step-by-step guide below.

To get started, go to, and you will be mesmerized (lolz it is captivating) with a beautiful landing page which prompts you to create a free blog. Since is a product owned by Google, you can easily create a free blog account by signing in with your preferred Gmail account.

After you log in, you’ll be provided options to use blogger as your default Google plus profile or if you’d like to continue with a limited profile.

Choosing a Blogger profile

how to start a blog and make money

I’d advise you choose the former for additional benefits such as connecting automatically your blog with your Google plus social profile.

On the next screen, click on “Create your blog” button again to launch your first blog on blogspot.


Choosing a Blog Name and a Theme

how to start a blog and make money

After this, you will see a next screen where you get to select a domain for your blog.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address through which people across the world can access your website. E.g. “” “” etc.

It’s like your very own physical office address that allows people to reach out to you at an appointed time.

Choose a short domain name that is relevant to your blog topic.

Here is a complete guide on choosing a creative yet best domain names for your blog.

Select your Sub Domain

After this, choose a suitable template (this decides how your blog will look on the front end i.e. how it will look to visitors) for your blog and proceed to click on “Create blog!” button. (Not to worry you can always change this later.)


Optimizing Your Blogger Blog

Next, it’s time to optimize your weblog for more SEO (search engine visibility) and better UI (user experience).

how to start a blog and make money

This is a simple thing and a one-time process.

You can access it on the left hand-side panel.

Just click on the option that says “Settings” and you can optimize your blog as below:

Blogger Settings

  1. Adding a description to your blog

how to start a blog and make money

Adding a description to your blogspot blog helps search engines and readers know what your blog is about. You can configure this by selecting the basic settings option under the main “settings panel.”

Read this guide on HubSpot blog to know how to write an eye catching and SEO meta description.

  1. Optimizing your post section of the blogger blog

How to Start a Blog and Make Money

This section determines your homepage and how things will look like in your single post settings.

Some other important settings

These settings are quite easy and self-explanatory, and if you encounter any issues at all, then you can click on the help symbol (question mark symbol) to get more details about it.

  1. Optimizing your blog for SEO

best blogging platform

In this section, you are provided with options to optimize your blog for search engines.

Blog Search Preferences

  • Meta tags: You should write a good summary about what your blog is all about. This will appear on search engines and will determine your Click through Rate (CTR) for organic traffic and will attract readers to your blog.
  • Custom page not found: When people land on your website through a URL that doesn’t exist, you can set a message that tells them that the page no longer exist. You can set any HTML message or custom text instructing them what to do next.
  • Custom redirects: If a webmaster or an individual link to a wrong URL that doesn’t exist or they link to any of your pages or posts, and you happen to delete that page, you can use this option to redirect all such backlinks to any single page. Ideally, this should be your homepage URL here.

The next section is something I would advise you not to mess with.

However, if you are keen to optimize your robots.txt and Custom robots header tags, you can follow these tutorials.


Editing the Theme and Layout

Next, in this section, we will proceed to edit the layout of our blogger template.

Blogger already has a range of free templates that are basic and simple. But, if you want to go for a different blog template you can download by doing a simple Google search. You can also purchase a premium blogger template from premium publishers such as themeforest etc.

However, for the sake of today’s guide, we will make use of the default blogger template.

  1. Adding a logo

A logo is what sets you apart from a million blogs online (it defines and identifies your brand).

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Since you are getting started you don’t need to get an expensive logo design. You can create a simple logo by your own using a free tool like Canva.

After that, you can go to the layout option and select “edit” link in the header box.

It presents you with various options to set a logo, choose a custom image to upload the one you designed.

how to make money blogging

Blogger Layout Settings

  1. Removing the navbar

The navigation bar (navbar) is an ugly looking bar on the top of your every page that has links to sign out and visit other blogs.

I strongly advise removing this because it looks dead ugly and also distract your readers (especially new visitors) to go to the other blogs through the next blog link.

To remove it, click on “edit” link on the box that reads “navbar” and in the next popup window, turn it off.

  1. Adding a custom gadget

Gadgets looks like tiny apps of codes (tiny pre-made code snippets) that help you add various functionality on your blog.

You can use those to add social media buttons, contact form, visitor stats, a search option, a custom menu or literally anything via custom HTML.

If you want to add a custom gadget to blogger, when you select the “layout” option, you will find small hyperlinks that read “add a gadget.” Clicking on those will open default blogger gadgets, and you can choose whichever one you wish to add.

Congratulate yourself, why? Because you have just finished setting up a professional blog for free on The last step you need to carry out is to write posts and pages that drive traffic to your blog.


Publishing Content

how to make money blogging

Many are usually confused when they come across these two things, nevertheless, posts and pages are literally the same except for the fact that pages are usually static data that rarely gets updated or changed.

This means you can use pages to create your “about me page”, “privacy policy”, “contact us”, “disclaimer page” and any other such information that always remains constant.


Blogspot allows you to create unlimited posts (articles) and only 20 pages. So use your pages limit wisely.

  1. Creating an about us page for your blog

You should take your time when writing your about me page.


Because the about page is one of the most visited page of your blog because every reader that comes across your blog would want to check out who you are, what your mission is and what content they can expect from your blog.

Writing your about page is quite simple, you just need to give an introduction to yourself by finding your own voice.

After this, you could talk a bit about your blog and what topics the readers can expect from it.

If you’re open for any business deals or providing any services, it is also good to mention those here and link them to separate pages which you have created for them.

Lastly, don’t forget to add your social pages like Facebook page or profile or Twitter handle, group links and contact (email or phone) to get them to easily contact and follow you over there.

  1. Writing your privacy policy and disclaimer page

Disclaimer pages and Privacy policy adds legal clarifications as to how your site uses your visitor data and to what factors you are liable to them and what not. In other news, it explains to your visitors your rules and regulations.

These are two very important pages that you should create before launching your blog publicly or applying for any monetization programs like AdSense (highly recommended).

Now, there is nothing to be scared of as these pages can be easily created or generated without much technical know-how.

Here is a quick guide on how to create your disclaimer pages  and privacy policy  in minutes.

  1. Writing your first post

Now it is high time you write posts or articles that you want people readers to see on your blog.

These can be topics that you are a professional at or keywords that you want to rank for when people search them on Bing or Google.

To write a post, go to your blogger dashboard and select the option “New Post.”

Writing your first post

You will then land on an editor where you can write your first blog post and many after that, provided an option to give it a title, add images and even hyperlinks to other posts and pages on your blog or reference articles around the web.

The editing concept is similar to what you do in an MS Word, Notepad or Google doc, so it is not going to be hard for you.

Nevertheless, here is something light to help you optimize your blogspot articles for better SEO and rankings.

I recommend writing at least 5 posts and interlinking them and using a “read related” tag before launching your blog publicly or sharing it with friends.

Having a decent number of blog posts will give enough idea to your visitors about what your blog is going to be like, what they can expect from it and keep them coming back for more.


Monetizing Your Blog with Google AdSense

This guide on How to Start a Blog and Make Money would surely be incomplete without a tutorial to monetize your Blogger blog.

how to make money blogging

Here is how to monetize your blog with Google AdSense.

Please Note:

There are about a thousand ways with which you can earn money via your blog like sponsored posting, fiverr, sale of email list, providing services, selling products, affiliate marketing, etc. but we that is not the focus of today’s article. However, you can check our complete list of blog monetization methods here.

When you have at least a nice number of blog posts and a good reader’s base, you can confidently use Google AdSense to earn money from your Blogspot blog. If you do not have much traffic; your earnings will be low

You can easily apply for AdSense via your blogger dashboard and get quick approval if it meets their terms and conditions.

To apply for AdSense via, go to your dashboard, click on “Earnings” and click apply for AdSense.

Monetize Your blog with Adsense

I know you are probably looking at the image above and asking “why is that not eligible?” it’s because for the purpose of today’s tutorial, I created a demo blog, so it is not eligible for AdSense yet.

Nonetheless, as you write more and created all the necessary pages, you can successfully get approval.

Wrapping Up:

So, with this, you have just completed your crash course to create a free blog on Easy, isn’t it? I told you it would be simple.

You are on your way to becoming a professional blogger….what I like to call “blogdom”, a new word I created from “stardom”


I hope you start your own free blog, gain practical experience in blogging and earn some money for your financial liberation.

After testing enough waters and feel you are ready, you can then migrate your blog anytime to the self-hosted WordPress blogs to gain more control over your blog and get even more potential for its growth.

Now that we have discussed how to create a blogger blog. Let’s discuss how to set up a self-hosted WordPress site.

How to Create a Self hosted WordPress blog

Advantages of using WordPress

  • You have more control over your site
  • More plugins and premium for better SEO
  • Easier to customize when compared to blogger

Before you create a WordPress blog, make sure you have a niche( a focused topic that you would be discussing on your blog) now.

Begin building your blog by:


Buying a Domain Name

how to make money blogging

Ask yourself this: What type of blog or site do I want to build?  The first step to Starting a Blog and Make Money process begins by finding and registering a domain name.

There abound a lot of benefits of registering a domain name even if you do not want to create a website or blog.

First, a domain name is more like your passport online (it speaks about your brand and identity) . In layman’s words, it makes it very easy for people to identify your blog or website and serves as a means for people to visit your blog/website. This makes identification a whole lot easier when compared to the use of IP address.

Since the name will represent you, your identity and your brand online, it must be given serious consideration.

There exist about a thousand domain names that became popular because it can be remembered easily and conveys a message.

For example:,, etc.

Domain name registration occurs through ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), through a domain name registrar like,, etc.

You’ll need about NGN3600 ($10) – NGN12, 600($35 USD) to register a fresh domain name (with the exception of flipped domain names) annually. At the end of the year, you can decide whether to renew it or not. However, you can still register for more than a year if you still want it.

However, there are certain web hosting companies that tend to offer you a “dual plan” i.e. they pay for your domain name registration and other fees, if you can sign up for hosting with them. These companies help you save money on a tight budget.

One such generous web hosting company is It’s of high importance that you have full ownership of the domain name to avoid being over charged in the future.

In today’s internet world, finding a great domain name you like might prove difficult, even when you eventually find one, it could cost you a leg to purchase because they are expired and flipped by either the owner or the person who buys the domain from the original owner.

What do I do during register a domain name?

  • Keep it short as possible

Although there are extremely long domain names with more than 45 characters (very bad domain names), keeping it short will make many individuals remember, easily tell it to their friends and can simply type it into their browser when they need to visit your site.

I recommend you register a short domain names associated with your site niche. It should not contain no more than 15 characters.

  • Use dot-com extension

There are lots of domain extensions now. I wouldn’t recommend choosing extensions like:



.online etc


Because most people would add “.com” after your domain name. Now imagine if that happens and you are using a “.net” extension. It would cost you traffic and sales.

Since your site is new, use dot-com extension.

It is actually the best extension, most common and the first extension people search for when they come online.

  • Avoid using hyphen

The tendency of finding short easy to remember domain names using might be extremely thin.

On the other hand, using a hyphen might be bad.


Because people can easily forget that your domain name has a hyphen and might not be easily typed into the browser.

  • Try expired or deleted domain names

You may want to try out some deleted or expired domain name. They might cost you more, but you can be satisfied as you get the domain of your heart. Also, this can be a blessing in disguise because some of the expired domain names might have some traffic to it.

  • Register a new domain name
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If buying an expired domain is not what you want or did not work, you can still search for new domain name.

You can visit sites like, search for a domain name and register it.

  • Protect your brand with another extension

While the dot-com extension is the most popular amongst all other extension, it is important to protect your brand by registering other extensions like dot-net, dot-org, and not forgetting the mobile extension which is the dot-Mobi.

You might be wondering:

Why in hells name do I need to do that?

The reason is simple; so they will not be abused- if they are, it affects your identity or brand negatively.

  • Register your domain for as long as possible

I advise you register your domain for at least three years (it is super important).

This will make your domain not expire within a short time and this shows you are serious to search engines.

How to find good domain name

Today majority of good domain names are at a premium (very costly). Some experts have even argued that good domain names are forever gone, but that statement is not entirely true.

There are still good domain names at premium prices others have expired and can be bought at higher prices as well.

That’s why once you’ve decided on a domain name for your website, just go ahead and register it (do not think twice) as delay could cause you to lose the domain name.

To find your domain name, you’ll need to follow three steps and these include:

  1. Do a domain name research

Doing the search will confirm whether your domain name is available for purchase or not

  1. Choose a site that won’t negatively affect your identity

Next is to find the domain registrar that will always have the security to protect your identity from hackers and thieves.

  1. Choose a simple domain registrar

Some domain registrars are complicated and not easy to use by a non-expert. That’s why we’ve decided to choose the best domain registrars that are good and the process of registration is straight forward.

Two of such domain website that fits all three is and With name cheap and Qservers, you can find great domain names at affordable prices.

In other to begin finding your domain name, head over to name cheap or and begin your domain name search.

Input your domain name you wish to search for. For example, I  searched for the domain name  I typed the domain and clicked on search.

This is the result we get after the search.

As you can see from the images above, the domain name “” is still available. The evidence of its availability is the good sign and telling you the price of the domain. Below, you’ll have suggestions with another domain extension.

Now that you’ve found your domain, head over to register it. Delay may be dangerous as someone else might register that domain before you do.

It gets better:

Finding and registering domain name using Domain name generator

Now there are other sure ways you can use to find domain names. Like the use of a domain name generator. This website makes it easy to generate a domain name based on the term you entered.  The domain name generator will search the web and present you with the best option.

The use of the domain name generator makes the process of finding domain name super-fast and easy.

To begin your domain name search, you’ll have to find one of the domain name generators to use. One place of such site is the Domain it and sign up to get a free account.

The reason why domain-it is one of my favourites is because you cannot only use it to generate domain name, but can also use it to register a domain name.

When you head over to the website, locate where it says domain suggestion tool, at the top right hand of the website, below the quick domain search box and click on it.

This will take you to a page where you can begin your domain name search proper.

There are several options you can use.  You can begin by including:

  • Keyword (s) of the domain name
  • Whether to include hyphens, numbers and check on or off adult content.
  • Next choose whether to make your location on or off
  • Leave the basic, similar and creative on
  • Determine the maximum length of the domain name
  • Them check which one you want to use.

Let’s assume we’re looking for a domain name under the search term pet we head over to input that.

Because I don’t want no hyphens, numbers and adult content in my domain name, I did not tick that option. Again, I am only interested in dot-com that’s why I check only that. Then I clicked on the submit button.

The domain name generator has generated for me ten domain names from the search. All you need to do is to choose your favourite domain name and then click on “add” to register the domain name.

Want to know the best part?

Free domain name registration

how to set up a blog and make money

Getting a free domain name is a very simple task. Most of the time, this comes as an added bonus when you sign up for hosting. As good as free domain name is, it’s vital that you there is a downside to using free domain name.

Even though the domain is free, your domain name will be tied to your hosting and when it expires so also will your domain name. However, transferring the domain becomes an almost impossible task.

That’s why I recommend you to register your domain name separately and you can always link it when you sign up for hosting later.


By now, you should have registered a domain name. Now it’s time to move to the next step. That’s to sign up for hosting.




Signing Up for Hosting.

You might ask:

What are some of the best hosting services online? Now is the time to discover what you need before making a FINAL DECISION.

A web hosting package is where your pages and blog content are housed and made visible to anyone who visits the blog or website.

The speed and uptime delivered by the hosting provider will determine how your webpage will load for people will visit your site.

Whether you want to create a blog, social networking site, e-commerce website, static website, or any website you can think of, you’ll need a web host unless if you want to use site build it which they provide you with all the tools you need.

There exists many web hosting companies service online at your reach. Although they operate alike in manners, some perform better than the other.

There are important steps to discover before choosing and hosting your site.

Best Hosting Services: 8 Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Webhosting

  • Reasonably affordable

Almost everyone wants to make money online, be sure to see that any web hosting you choose should be cost effective and provides you with options you need to choose from, depending on the type of business you want to venture online.

It’s, however, important not to use choose a web host based on price. This will definitely not work.

I fell victim to this late last year when I began blogging for fun. The web host which was hosting my blog on was way below what I budgeted for; I threw myself at the opportunity (it felt like I had hit a jackpot). This turned out to be a nightmare as the site was always down. Based on the report I got through an SEO Suite, in every hour, the site hardly become accessible for more than 30 minutes.

But reasonably affordable web hosting is just one step to start.


  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

Ensure the provider of the web hosting should offer to its customers an unlimited web hosting space- this is very important if you will use your site to store large documents like videos, podcast or a community website like social media and the community board.

Bandwidth with an unlimited option will make your site available to your people regardless of the amount of traffic it is getting and what people are doing at your site.


  • Reliability

Ever noticed your browser returning an “ERROR MESSAGE” when you visit some blogs or sites, you might not find them.

No web host provider will you 100% up time but when a hosting provider gives you up to 99.9% uptime guarantee, then it’s more than okay.

When a hosting site doesn’t give you 99.9% uptime then it’s not worth using that hosting provider.


  • 24/7 support

There comes a time when you’ll need someone to send your complaints to; it could be as a result of malfunction or unavailability of your website.

A hosting provider that is reliable will provide you with a 24 hours support not only for some days of the week but for the entire days in a week.


  • Customer reaction

Before signing up for hosting, you’ll need to learn about what most customers are saying about the targeted hosting company.

In most of their websites, you’ll find the testimonials from people who have used and continued using their services.

You can equally use search engines to stumble upon more reactions. Start by typing “the web host url+complaints” and hit the search button.


  • Know there address

The web host provider must provide his office location. Some that don’t show theirs are usually tagged as spam sites- it’s best to run away from such sites.


  • What they have in their backend

There are certain things you will need a web host should have in their backend in other to make things easier for you.

For example, a web host should contain things like WordPress, PHP, MySQL, fantastico. These are some of the things you’ll need to create your blog and website as well.

  • Security

Your web security is of utmost importance. They must provide you with the most secure web hosting service they can afford. Sometimes you can also use cloud servers hosting to increase the security and speed.


Our recommendations on the best hosting services online

Now that we know the importance of choosing a good webhosting company, I believe it will be very unfair to leave you without my personal recommendations of hosting registrars. The web hosting sites listed below, in my opinion, are the best online you can find online.

They have a long history of quality track record and many big websites rely on them for their hosting. Some of the sites that offer the best hosting services and these include:


Hostgator hosting

Fatcow hosting

Bluehost hosting

When trying to build a great business online, you’ll need to use the best hosting services by following the steps above.

The process for installing a blog is pretty simple and you don’t need to be a tech-savvy person to install a blog.

If you have held a mouse and have click to install a software, you can install a blog.

If you want to build a professional blog, you should register a generic domain name than a vanity name. generic domain name tells you what the blog is all about even before navigating to it while a vanity domain name doesn’t tell you about the blog until you log on to the site. an example of a generic name is and a vanity name is

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Adding content to your blog

Content is king in blogging. Take extra care to provide highly informative articles that excite your readers. Joining and participating on online community forums and subscribing to press releases and blogs related to your blog topic are all awesome ways of generating great content ideas that attract readers, build their loyalty and keep new visitors glued to their screens.

Quality content that solves the reader’s problem is what made people like Neil Patel, John Chow, Darren Rowse build loyalty and credibility in their niche.

Content is what positions you as an expert in your selected niche. Take time to write high quality content that adds value to your reader’s life. It took me an about 4-8 hours to write an article and 24 hours to edit and re-edit.

You may curate content faster than me but the principal idea is to generate something that adds value.

Avoid providing contents that already have been saturated with information regarding the subject (generic content).

For instance topics like “how to drive traffic using blog comment”, is not a new topic. Instead, share with them how you generate traffic using any of the social media particularly Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Monetize your blog

how to make money through blogging

Now that your blog has been fully set up and fully running, it’s high time you monetize it so that you begin to make money blogging.

There are several ways you can monetize your blog. But I will be sharing with you the Top Five Best Ways to Monetize a Blog.

Top Five Best Ways to Monetize a Blog

  1. Pay per clicks advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a form of advertising where you allow advertisers place ads on your blog and you make money when someone clicks on it. The most popular PPC program is Google AdSense. The ads comes in various sizes which you can choose from. To start using google adsense, go to their official page and sign up.

All you need to do is sign up with Google AdSense, create a new ad unit, copy its ads code then paste it on your blog. Then the Google network supplies the ads.

The money you’ll make will be determined by the amount of traffic you generate and most importantly the click through rate.

When you have ads place between articles, you’ll have higher click through rate. The cost per click (CPC) will depend on the niche of the blog. A blog targeting weight loss will have higher CPC than the blog targeting internet marketing.

The traffic you generate too can affect the CTR. People who visit your site in search of information (organic traffic), have higher chances of CTR than the ones coming from social media.

Other PPC advertising networks

  • Bidvertiser
  • Chitika
  • Clicksor
  • Yahoo! Publishers network


  1. Direct Advertising

Selling advertising space is far more lucrative than PPC. You can sell specific space (header, sidebar, within the post or bottom links) on your website for people to buy and place ads.

Here you can make 100% profit. Even with as low as a minimum of 1000 blog visitors.

With the plugin OIO publisher automates all your selling ads from taking the orders, displaying it and providing the statistics. This plugin is a must have for bloggers; the only thing is it’s not free. You’ll need $47 to purchase.

  1. CPM advertising Networks

This is quite similar to pay per click advertising (PPC), but here you make money based on the number of page views (commonly called impression) that served ads on your site generates. CPM stands for cost per mile (that is cost per 1000 impression)

For example, if your blog have 100000 site visitors and serves banner with $2 CPM, it means your site will be making 200 dollars a month.

CPM varies with network. There are networks that pay you as low as $0.02 and networks that can pay up to $10 per impression. But this will also depend on your niche and your traffic. CPM, tend to work well with sites that have high page views like social media, online forums etc.

Some of the CPM network include

  • Value click
  • Right media
  • Casale media
  • Tribal fusion
  1. Affiliate marketing

This is perhaps the most popular way of making money using a blog. Affiliate marketing is simply performing the act of promoting other people’s product for a commission.

Here is how it works: you choose a product similar to your niche, get a link unique link, and promote it and you make money when there is a sale through your link. Money from affiliate marketing is called commission.

In affiliate marketing, you can make up to 75% of the total money. For instance, if a product or service you’re promoting is sold at $100 and the commission is 75%, when there is a sale, you make $75.

Affiliates can promote affiliate product in various ways using tools provided by the merchants. It can be banner or text link. The type of marketing here varies; it can cost per action (CPA) or cost per lead (CPL).

Some affiliate network include

  • Clickbank
  • Commission junction
  • Link share

There are residual affiliate products which makes it possible for you to make money over and over from the customer you refer to the merchant. That is you make commission whenever the person buys the product or service.

Using these networks, it’s better to promote merchants that offer service that require people to subscribe or renew the service with time. One network I personally recommend for anyone is site build it.

Some networks are:

  • Sitesell
  • Getresponse


  1. Sale of EBooks

You can create quick short reports of 8-35 pages, convert it to eBooks and sell them on your blog. Using sites like payza or 2co, you can put a buy button to your product. EBook sales on blogs have continued to rise and will most likely continue to do so in the nearest future.

  1. Subscription

When you intend to start an e-course or sell premium content, then using a subscription service is the best way to achieve that.

You decide on the amount you want people to subscribe to before gaining access or you can use your subscription list to build your email list and you use your list to market product or service in the future.

Services like,, are all providing a similar service.

  1. Hire me page

What are you really good at? Can you write, design website, write programming language and so on, you can offer your service on your blog or website. Fix the money per hour and provide samples of your work not only on your blog alone but also on other blogs you have previously worked for.

  1. Expose the word

It’s time to tell people about your blog. In blogging, traffic generation is a constant factor that is frequently talked upon. Even big successful bloggers still find new ways of generatoing traffic. Here are some great ways bloggers can generate traffic.

  • Blog comments

At times, blog commenting makes little contribution, but it still an important way of generating traffic. There are blogs we call DO FOLLOW BLOGS; these are blogs that allow readers to click on links left by you.

Most of these “do follow blogs” use a blog plugin known as comment Luv. This will allow you to display the top blog post at the end of the blog when making a comment.

  • Forum comment

It’s very important to join forums related to your blog, not only for the content idea along but to drive traffic massive traffic too. Create a signature link of your blog and join in the conversion. Each time you reply a thread or start a new thread, your link will appear.

  • Social media

Join the social media and build your followers. Link your blog to varieties of social media and each time you publish a post, they’ll see it and follow.

  1. Guest blogging
  2. Like invite

                                       How to Succeed in the Blogging Business

  1. Treat your blog like a business. Success might not come in a day. Be sure to organize what you intend to do on a weekly basis as this will move your blog one step closer to achieving success in your business.
  2. Don’t deviate from your niche. It might be tempting to build a multi niche at the beginning but I strongly recommend you focus on it and build your blogging business around it.
  3. Write SEO (search engine optimized) articles. This sends targeted traffic to your blog and will eventually convert first time readers to loyal followers of your blog
  4. Keep reading and trying out new ways to drive traffic to your blog.
  5. Give it time: It may take time( maybe 6 months, a yea, two or more years) to build loyal followers, authority and begin to make money through your blog.

There are tons of bloggers who create new blogs on a daily basis, but only about 1% of these bloggers make money blogging.  Lots of them do end up selling off their blogs when their hopes become dashed.

Blogging tips to help you make money blogging

Facts about blogging

The following are the misconceptions many bloggers tell new bloggers about blogging.

  1. Blogging is certainly not a get rich quick scheme.

I’ve witnessed too many people startup a new blog because of this statement “blogging is a get rich quick scheme”.  Often times, these blogs come crashing down within 3 months.

Truth is:

There are no short cuts to riches, you’ll have to work to earn it and this takes time.

You’ll need to build your credibility first. People want to know you’re an expert in what you do before they can trust you. It’s when you gain that trust that people will believe all you say and what you offer.

2.  In blogging content is king.

Blogging requires you to build your online visibility first before your blogs credibility comes. But I’ve also seen other bloggers who will recommend 1-5 content, you’re good to go.

If you’re not ready to provide fresh content always, then I advise you should reconsider starting blogging. It’s expected that a blog should have at least 3 new content every week.

The more your valued content, the more you build your credibility.

3.  Traffic generation exposes your blog.

No matter how great your blog is, if you don’t generate traffic, then no one will know your blog. Some bloggers think they will write a post, pray about it and VOILA! People will just find their blog.

This three blogging tips helps you to not only make money blogging, but also double your blogging money within little possible time.


These tips on How to Start a Blog and Make Money will guide you on how to create a blog and might convince you to quit your 9-5 day job. Let us here your suggestions and comments; feel free to drop it below. Thanks.



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