Top 7 Jobs In The Medical Field That Pay Well

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Picking a job requires you consider one of the following options: do something you love the most and earn barely a minimum or picking a profession that pays you very high but you work under high pressure. However, these choices are not the only options you have-you can decide to start your own business but if you are thinking of changing your career, you might want to consider these 7 jobs in the medical field that pay well.


Jobs in the medical field that pay well

jobs in the medical field that pay well

1              Neurosurgeon

A neurosurgeon is a doctor that specializes in the treatment of conditions with focus on the peripheral and nervous system. This is one of the highest paying jobs you will ever find in the medicine world.  They get to operate on patients with conditions such as epilepsy, injuries to the spinal cord and human brain, Parkinson’s etc. They earn a salary of about $543,343 per year.

As a neurosurgeon, you get to contribute positively to humanity thus gaining a whole lot of experience from each operation you carry out.  It is no wonder that about 97% of them find the job to be really satisfying. To become one, you must first complete 4 years of medical school and approximately 7 years of residency training before you can be allowed to practice your profession.

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2              Cardiothoracic Surgeon

These types of surgeon major in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases through operation on parts of the human body such as lungs, the heart, surrounding vessels and the oesophagus. If you would like to become a cardiothoracic surgeon, you will first have to attend college for 4 years, go through another 4 years of medical school, and then proceed to spend a minimum of 7 years of fellowship and residency.

Board certification involves the participant goes through a series of hard-training. This is because the act of performing surgeries for fixing heart complications is a very tender process but highly rewarding for both doctor and the patients. A successful operation carried out by a cardiothoracic surgeon can save or change people’s lives on a daily basis.

You earn an average of $522,875 per year after completion of 6 years of surgical practice. About 91% of practicing surgeons actually consider this as meaningful work. With such a huge amount of income you can earn, it is no wonder it made our list of top 7 jobs in the medical field that pay well.

3              Anesthesiologist

An anesthesiologist administers anesthetics to a patient plus they are charged with the responsibility of watching over the well-being of the patients at every stage of surgery.  To become an anesthesiologist, you must first complete 4 years of undergraduate education, 4 years of medicine (MD0 or doctor of osteopathy (DO) program and 4 years of residency training.

In terms of quality and personal satisfaction, anesthesiologists rate their jobs as being exceptional.  On an average, they get paid an income of $283,600 a year.

4              Physiatrists

Simply put, a physiatrist is a doctor who treats the human musculoskeletal system including the tendons, muscles, nerves, bones and ligaments. Nevertheless, they never perform surgery. They get paid about $283,500 on an average per year.

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A survey targeting surgeons was carried out worldwide and the result was outstanding with 75% of physiatrists being happy with their career. To be allowed to take part in this job, you must complete 4 years of medical school and 4 years of residency training. The first year of residency training is focused on internal medicine and the next three years is focused on speciality training. After this can you be allowed to complete one to two years of fellowship.

5              Veterinarian

jobs in the medical field that pay well

Veterinary belongs to the category of jobs in the medical field that pay well. A vet is responsible for diagnosing and treating different kinds of animals. About 85% of employees agree that the job is a meaningful one since it creates a big difference.

Nevertheless, becoming a veterinary requires a successful completion of a 4 year bachelor’s degree and a doctor of veterinary medicine which takes at least 8 years to be done with. You must then try to acquire your state license to practice.

You will be amazed at the amount of cash people are willing to spend on the treatments of their animals (pets). Back in the year 2016, the average veterinarian salary witnessed a boost to $100, 560 and is still on the rise.

6              Registered Nurse

A nurse is another important job in the medical field. They are faced with the responsibility to assess patients, collaboration with physicians etc. The number of nurse graduates churned out by the universities per year is very high but the demand for skilled nurses seems to be constantly on rise.

You will agree with me that the entry-level educational requirements are quite on a minimal level when compared to other health professions that are kind of similar. As soon as you are registered, you can begin with a bachelor’s or associate degree. They you must be licensed before you can practice.

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The career is both fulfilling and meaningful. The average salary range is usually $68,450 to $75,032 per year.

7              Clergy

Being a clergy means that you provide faith, support and guidance to people who need answers to their questions and solution to their problems. 87% of clergymen and clergy women are convinced that their jobs are satisfying. The salary for being a clergy person is $45,750, which isn’t too bad when you think of it.

However, more than 50% of clergy members make reports of how they are paid way below the salary wage for their job.

Each religion has its distinct requirements and procedures for appointing clergy members. A larger share of clergy members holds a master’s degree in theology or religious studies. There is also room for continuation of educational studies of holy books.


The first step to discovering a perfect career is by first identifying your passion and aligning it with your goals. This list of jobs in the medical field that pay well is only a guide.  Do well to consider it but never make the mistake of depending on it in making a final decision. Lastly, you must be happy with your work.



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