Top 8 Personal Finance Book List To Read

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Are you interested in reading a book about money?

You’d probably say “YES” but the problem now is that you don’t know which book to read- not to worry this Top 8 personal finance book list will help you.

8 must read personal finance books


If you say “NO”, I wouldn’t blame you as the vast majority of books on the internet brag that they can teach you how to become rich legally in a single day, some two weeks.

Like money, Personal Finance is something we all think we know everything about. Like a kid with a play toy, we easily forget that reading good books on personal finance and applying it’s principles is one of the greatest thing that can happen to our financial education and our future.

Here is my top 8 personal finance book list recommended for you:

1.    Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

top 8 personal finance book list

Robert Kiyosaki wrote this financial book based on his personal experience of having two fatherly figures in his life while he was growing up. This experience helped shape his life and writing hugely. That is why people tend to believe his books speaks against formal education, but that is not true. Infact, his books majorly support formal education working hand-in-hand with financial education to achieve financial freedom– If you cannot attain any satisfactory form of financial freedom with the form of education you are receiving at the moment or the one you’ve received, then it’s not worth it. The single great difference between the rich and the have not (poor) is knowledge.

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What’s the bottom line?

Knowledge is power but money knowledge is financial freedom.

2.    The Total Money By Dave Ramsey 

The Total Money By Dave Ramsey

The main focus of this book is on paying off debt. It teaches ways through one can escape debt and in turn save more. So if you are someone who scuba dives(lol) in debt, this book is perfect for you, a must read.

3.    Thinking Fast And Slow By Daniel Kahneman

Think Fast Think slow book

In psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s book, he reveals the dual system of our brain, it’s pitfalls and their power. The book explains what drives us to think and act the way we do. Personal finance as we know is all about decision making (either good or bad).

But here’s the kicker:

Understanding what makes you think and act the way you do is key to making good money decisions.

4.    The Secret Of The Millionaire Mind By Harv Eker

Secrets of the millionares mind: top 8 personal finance books to read

This book reveals the secret of millionaire- their mind. It verifies the claim that “What you set your mind to, you can achieve”. The main goal of Harv Eker’s book is to show the greater difference between the rich and the poor- the mind. If you change your poor mindset, attitude and values, you will achieve great wealth.

5.    I Will Teach You To Be Rich By Ramit Sethi

I will teach you to be rich

Learning and practicing budget is super important if you want to achieve finnacial freedom . I will teach you to be rich lesson is basic- decide for yourself what it means to be rich and act on it.

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6.    The Richest Man In Babylon By George S.Clason

The richest Man In babylon: Top 8 finance books to read

This is number 6 on our top 8 personal finance book . First published in 1926, this ageless classic has helped tons of thousands achieve their set financial goals. It was formerly a series told through parables. It gained a wider audience thanks to the bank giving it away for free. I believe everybody particularly every young person should read this book because the information in it is so valuable.

7.    The Automatic Millionaire By David Bach

8 must read finance books

If you like to read simple things- this book is for you. David Bach is sure to help you achieve financial freedom and retire early; it highlights sound savings and good investment ideas we should all take advantage of.

8.    The Millionaire Next Door By Thomas Stanley And William Danks

These authors exposes a bitter truth: those we think are living the life are only living it in debt. The so called millionaires who live fake life are soon to crumble in a few years time. Wealth is not and should not be measured by the kind of car you drive, the kind of fancy neighbourhood you live in or the type of place you work. Those things are not wealth, it’s only living high. Thomas Stanley and William Danko teaches us a valuable lesson about millionaires: what they did to get their wealth, how they live and ways by which they spend their money.

What’s the bottom line?

Congrats to you if you read this list to the end. Now that you know top 8 personal finance book to read, I hope you can begin reading them now. Do not forget to share your experience with us


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