Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Bitcoins

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There are about a thousand reasons why you should invest in bitcoins. Bitcoin is used as a currency to buy things and as a store of money value i.e. a space of to keep your savings with the hopes value appreciation or hedging against the depreciation of stocks or savings held in fiat currency. So if you are a lover of curiosity or you’ve got a thing to try out technological investment, this might just be for you.

Top reasons why you should choose bitcoins

What’s the difference between bitcoin and dollars?

A dollar bill is real money which means you can directly spend it and bitcoin isn’t real money and is not regulated by the government bodies. So basically, Bitcoin doesn’t exist unlike fiat currency, Bitcoin isn’t created “out of thin air’. In fact, there will only ever be a finite amount of bitcoin ever produced, thus, its value can be controlled .Once 21 million BTC has been mined( from day one of mining altogether to the last day), that will be the end of BTC mining as no one can create more( as is done every year with fiat currency). During fiat currency creation by central banks, the value of the existing currency in the market is reduced thus resulting in price inflation of goods and services. This is why the price of everyday things (that haven’t changed in 50 years, like groceries or utilities) has gone up in price over time. There’s a lot of other difference between dollar and Bitcoin, but it’s better for you to read up on them.

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Why would I gamble with Bitcoin?

I am not advising you do but if you want to gamble especially as a beginner, you can invest with smaller portions of money (like cents or a few dollars as opposed to tens or thousands of dollars) and you can do it from the convenience of your computer.

What’s the point about Bitcoin versus dollars?

top reasons why you should choose bitcoinsBecause there are not too many reasons why you would want to use bitcoins instead of dollars. If you’re perfectly happy with using dollars and don’t care about centralization or staying anonymous, using BTC will take away your overall shopping, selling, buying experience because transaction times are somewhat slow when compared with paying with PayPal or Master card.

But, there are a few things however that Bitcoin can do better than existing money transfer system. In the world for example, bitcoin has no country restrictions and no sending, receiving limits- that is why many criminals abuse it. The true beauty of bitcoin can only be appreciated when you have given it a trial. Perhaps the most common reason people invest in bitcoins is because it’s more of a commodity than a currency which makes it great for investors to speculate!

Today, no government can seize control of your bitcoins; this represents safety and security unlike paper currency that can be controlled. For example, one time in Cyrus when the country was experiencing extreme money crisis. It was so severe that the government controlled how much money their citizens could take out of their bank account(s). Can you imagine that? The government telling me how to spend my very own hard earned money! BTC provides an alternative.

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Decide today which you prefer, Dollar bills or Bitcoin?



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